State Arts Agency Revenues

Twice yearly, the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) reports revenue information for state arts agencies (SAAs). This report provides information on financial support for the arts and places individual SAAs’ funding within the context of national trends. Appropriations for the arts will fluctuate throughout the year as legislatures reconsider state budgets in light of shifting revenue projections. Figures included in this report reflect enacted funding levels for fiscal year 2019 (which began in July 2018 for most states) as well as revised FY2018 budgets. NASAA monitors appropriations changes, and will report updates in summer 2019.

This research presents detailed information on state arts agency revenues. While appropriations from state legislatures are the primary revenue source for most agencies, NASAA’s revenues survey also tracks information on funding that state arts agencies receive from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), supplemental state revenue streams, and private and miscellaneous sources of support. Included in the analysis are state-by-state comparisons of funding levels, per capita rankings and line item information, as well as discussions of the SAA revenue outlook in the context of state budgets and inflation. Explore our interactive visualizations for a more in-depth look at SAA revenues.

State arts agencies use their funds to support a wide variety of programs and services that make the arts more accessible to the public. They stimulate the marketplace for cultural activities, spur local and private
investment in the work of artists and arts organizations across the country, and help states and jurisdictions achieve their economic development, education and community enhancement goals. To learn more about how state arts agencies use the funds they receive, visit

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