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The names of the 14 administering organizations (AO) and their regranting program information is included in the chart below. Individual artists and arts organizations should contact the AO in their designated region for information on how to apply. The chart will be updated as details become available.

RegionAO WebsiteAO – Creative Corps
Program Website
Applications OpenApplications Close
18th St Arts
Arts Council
for Long Beach
Southernwww.artslb.org 2/6/2023

Individual artists: 4/1/2023
Organizations: 3/15/203

Individual artists: 5/1/2023
Center for
Cultural Power
Statewidewww.culturalpower.orgConstellations: – closed

Oakland Futures: Love Life Edition:
Constellations: November 2022

Oakland Futures: Love Life Edition: 3/1/2023
Constellations: 1/4/2023

Oakland Futures: Love Life Edition: 4/21/2023
Inland Empire Community
Inland Empirewww.iegives.org
Kern Dance
Central Valleywww.kerndance.orghttps://kdacreativecorps.org1/9/20233/31/2023
Latino Community
County Arts Council
Sacramento Office of Arts
and Culture
San Diego Commission for Arts and
Far 2/15/2023
May/June 2023
Individuals: 3/22/23
Organizations: TBD
San Francisco FoundationBay Areawww.sff.org
Individuals: 6/21/2023
Organizations: 4/21/2023
Individuals: 9/15/2023
Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and
United Way of Merced
Central Valley

Yerba Buena
Center for
the Arts
Bay Areawww.ybca.org

Please note: These guidelines are intended for organizations that would like to apply to administer regranting funds for California Creative Corps. Individual artists and nonprofit organizations interested in applying for direct funding from an administering organization should refer to the “Subgrantee Eligibility and Requirements” section in the Administering Organization guidelines. You may also wish to reference the guidelines for the Creative Corps Program Flowchart.

Background & Purpose
The 2021 State Budget included $60 million one-time General Fund allocation for the California Arts Council to implement the California Creative Corps pilot program, a media, outreach, and engagement campaign designed to increase: (1) public health awareness messages to stop the spread of COVID-19; (2) public awareness related to water and energy conservation, climate mitigation, and emergency preparedness, relief, and recovery; (3) civic engagement, including election participation; and (4) social justice and community engagement.

Grant guideline development began with the convening of California Creative Corps Community Development Panels, first by region and then with one statewide panel including representatives from each region. The panels included artists, culture bearers, creative individuals, and arts administrators that represented the priority populations to be engaged, and who work in the intersectional focus areas of the Creative Corps program. The panels articulated their communities’ values, needs, and opportunities, and identified ways in which the Creative Corps program might address them. View the list of regional panelists here.

Program Administration: Administering Organizations (AO)
The CAC is seeking applications from Administering Organizations with the capacity to administer regranting funds to arts and social service organizations and to individual artists and cultural workers throughout the state to develop media, outreach, and engagement campaigns that speak to the program goals listed above. The intention of this grant program is to provide as broad a geographic reach as possible and serve all 58 counties while prioritizing communities that demonstrate the highest levels of need as indicated by the California Healthy Places Index (HPI).

Neighborhood by neighborhood, the HPI maps data on social conditions that drive health — like education, job opportunities, and clean air and water. This data is used by community leaders, policymakers, academics and other stakeholders to compare the health and well-being of communities, identify health inequities and quantify the factors that shape health. Funded Administering Organizations and sub-grantee organizations, artists and cultural practitioners must demonstrate strong, ongoing relationships with communities that fall within the lowest quartile of the California Healthy Places Index and will support meaningful engagements with those communities through this grant.

Eligible Request Amounts
Applicant organizations may request no less than $1,000,000 and up to $5,000,000 for the grant period. The request amount should reflect the regranting capacity of the organization.

  • AOs may use up to 20% of the grant award for administrative costs and costs associated with program design and implementation
  • 60% of funds must either be granted directly to individuals or used by nonprofit sub-grantees to hire individual artists

Funding Requirements
The CAC will identify a minimum of one and no more than three AOs in each regional and stateside service area, as follows: Statewide Service Area, Bay Area Regional Service Area, Capital Regional Service Area, Central Coast Regional Service Area, Central Valley Regional Service Area, Far South Regional Service Area, Inland Empire Regional Service Area, South Regional Service Area, Upstate Regional Service Area.

2022 Grantee Information:

List of Administering Organizations

Program Timeline:

Guidelines PublishedApril 1, 2022 / *Revised* May 13, 2022
Application OpensApril 15, 2022
Grant Overview WebinarMay 3, 2022, 11 a.m.
Application DeadlineJune 2, 2022
Panel Review* June – July 2022
Funding Decision*August 2022
Funding Notification*August 2022
Grant Activity PeriodOctober 1, 2022 – September 30, 2024
Interim Report Deadline*November 1, 2023
Final Report Deadline*October 31, 2024
*Dates subject to change.

Staff Assistance:
CAC staff is available to offer guidance and clarification in preparing your proposal. We recommend that you contact staff well in advance of the deadline to ensure you can be accommodated. People who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, or have difficulty speaking may dial 711 to reach the California Relay Service (CRS). Large-print is available upon request.

Staff Contact:
Amy Garrett
Arts Programs Manager

***NEW GRANT APPLICANT RESOURCES*** Virtual office hours and grant program overview videos are now available for technical assistance! Visit our Grant Resources page for details.

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