Extension Request Process for Grant Applicants Impacted by Wildfires and Power Outages

SACRAMENTO – Governor Newsom declared a statewide emergency yesterday due to the dangerous weather conditions.

We have been hearing from our communities, and we recognize that some California Arts Council grant applicants may be affected by the wildfires and power outages at varying degrees of severity.

In response to this statewide emergency, the California Arts Council is accepting extension requests for applicants who have been impacted by wildfires and power outages.

If you are impacted by wildfires and power outages:
Contact us as soon as possible if your organization anticipates it will be unable to submit a grant application OR any grant application support materials by a deadline.

Extension requests may be considered for any upcoming grant program deadline. If you were unable to submit an application prior to last week’s Professional Development grant program deadline, a request for extension will also be considered.

How to submit an extension request

Please submit your request in writing to Interim Programs Officer Josy Miller at josy.miller@arts.ca.gov. The following information is required for an extension request:

1. List the principal street address where your organization is based (where you would typically prepare your grant application).

2. List the grant program(s) to which you are applying.

3. Provide a brief description of your current challenge as it relates to wildfires and/or utility-directed power shutoffs and how it impacts your organization’s ability to submit an online application.

4. Provide an estimated date of when you may be able to submit a complete application online. All applications must be submitted by the final available extension date of Friday, November 22 at noon. (Updated 11/13)

Extensions requests will be processed and responded to as soon as possible.

The deadline for all extension request submissions is Monday, November 18 at noon. (Updated 11/13)


RESPONSE.CA.GOV provides Californians with information and resources for current incidents, transportation impacts, vital health services information, shelter and housing locations, unemployment assistance and other state information. The website also directs users to Public Safety Power Shutoff information and preparedness tips. As incidents continue to evolve, the portal will be updated to reflect the latest information and any additional resources the state may develop.

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Josy Miller

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