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Art Lives Here 2023/24 Season Guidelines

Geffen Playhouse seeks four artists to create an original artwork to be displayed in our lobby welcoming back audiences this fall to celebrate our 2023/24 Season. We are a home for the arts, and we believe our physical space should also reflect and be representative of our ongoing commitment to diversity in our audience, productions as well as our community at large. It is our mission to create, foster and nourish an environment that is open and welcoming for all.

We’re inviting local artists to create works that bring our community together, inspired by theater experiences and reflective of our shared values. We call it “Art Lives Here.” As with our plays, we seek works of art that speak boldly, have meaningful purpose and feed the soul. A total of four artists will be chosen by a selection committee from all submissions received. Each art piece will be displayed for approximately two months in our theater lobby and featured in Playbill programs during the course of the 2023/2024 season. Join us in this endeavor.


The inspiration. Please consider the following questions in your proposal. We encourage innovative, thought-provoking projects that are highly reflective of our diverse community.

  1. How has theater impacted you?
  2. What supports a welcoming theater environment?
  3. In what way does theater connect us globally?

Spatial Requirements:

  • All visual art mediums will be considered.
  • Canvas works must fit within 48” x 48” area.
  • Sculptural/3-D works must fit within 48” x 48” x 48” area.
  • Video projects up to 5 minutes in length (no audio).

Artist Eligibility:

  • Artists must live in Los Angeles County.
  • Artists must be 17 years or older.
  • Self-taught, emerging, mid-career, and professional artists welcome.


As part of this project, we will invite artists to participate in the documentation of their work. To accompany the final piece, Geffen Playhouse will create content about each artist and their work, as well as a short video to be posted on Geffen Playhouse’s website/social media and printed in Playbill programs. Artists will be asked to document their progress throughout the creation of the works with phone/video cameras, or invite Geffen Playhouse’s videographer to capture a key moment in the creation of their work, as well as participate in a video interview to talk about their work and be photographed by Geffen Playhouse.

Artists must be willing to participate in the creation of additional content and will have input and be consulted on all photography, video and written material. To ensure the privacy of minors, use of images or video will not be displayed without written approval from a parent or legal guardian.


Each artist will receive an honorarium of $4,000 which is all-inclusive of material and design. Upon approval, artists will be paid 50% up front, and the remaining honorarium will be paid upon completion and delivery of their final work. Artists (and a guest) will be invited to opening night of the mainstage production at which their work will be featured. Artists will retain ownership of final works, and all works will be returned to the artists following their exhibition period.


All proposals must be submitted below and include the following:

  • Description of the proposed work, and the inspiration behind it. Max 500 words.
  • Medium for the work.
  • A preliminary sketch (optional).
  • A brief artist bio. Max 500 words.
  • Examples of two previous works. Photos up to 5MB, or video links (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Submit Proposals to: www.geffenplayhouse.org/artliveshere


Geffen Playhouse Art Lives Here initiative is led by its newly appointed project Creative Director Terrell Tilford (Founder & Creative Director, Band of Vices) will establish a selection committee comprised of art professionals. The selection committee will evaluate each work of art. The selection criteria will include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Impact.
  2. Relation to theater.
  3. Reflective of our diverse community at large.


May 18, 2023: Open for Submissions

July 1, 2023: Submission Deadline

July 15, 2023: Winners Announced

August 15, 2023: Final Artworks Due

Questions? Please email ArtLivesHere@geffenplayhouse.org

Submission Deadline: July 1, 2023

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Expires: 2023-07-02


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