Extended Deadline! California Arts Day 2009 Poster Competition for California college students-- $500 prize

Each year the California Arts Council promotes the first Friday in October as California Arts Day to highlight the importance of the arts and creativity in the state. This year the agency has a contest for California college students and instructors who are talented graphic artists and designers, with a grand prize of $500. The assignment: create the California Arts Day 2009 poster, utilizing the lyrics, concepts and/or intention of the song "The Art in Me," also known as The California Arts Song.

Competition details available online, as well as a printable PDF.
Deadline EXTENDED: July 13, 2009.

The Art in Me -- theme for California Arts Day 2009

People today are expressing themselves creatively, especially through the use of computer and digital tools to create images, music, videos, and other artwork simply for the joy of it. For 2009, the main theme for California Arts Day is "The Art in Me" focusing on the individual creativity of each Californian.

But the theme is more than a simple phrase -- it's also a song, written by California Arts Council arts administrator Rob Lautz, who happens to be a jazz musician in his spare time. The full lyrics are available for poster designers to review, and here's the chorus to give California ArtBeat readers a taste of the main concept and theme of "The Art in Me" --

We're painting California
Dancing California
We're singing California
Art in California

An audio recording is also available in addition to the printed lyrics.

Instructors, tell your students ... or submit an entry yourself!

College graphic arts and design instructors and administrators are encouraged to have their talented students submit "The Art in Me" poster entries, or even submit entries themselves, as the California Arts Council has opened up the competition to include faculty at California colleges and universities as well. 

The winning poster will be printed with the winner's name and school, printed by California Arts Council and distributed statewide to schools, libraries, arts organizations, museums, city and county offices, the Governor's Office, and state legislative and agency offices prior to October to highlight California Arts Day.

Please note: entries must be submitted digitally. See competition information for full details. Digital artist must have rights to the elements of the poster artwork, and/or the licensing on the artwork must allow for the California Arts Council to reprint as part of a public awareness campaign.

Two Californians Honored With Americans for the Arts "Leadership Awards"

Out of the six Arts Leadership Awards from Americans for the Arts this year, two went to outstanding Californians. Victoria Hamilton, Executive Director of the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, received the 2009 Selina Roberts Ottum Award, while Bruce Davis, Executive Director of Arts Council Silicon Valley, was honored with the 2009 Michael Newton Award. Both were presented at the Americans for the Arts annual convention in Seattle on June 18 at a luncheon attended by hundreds of arts administrators, artists and advocates.

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