New email addresses for California Arts Council staff -- "cac.ca.gov" is the new domain

Years ago the California Arts Council got the jump on the internet and obtained email addresses of "(staffname)@CaArtsCouncil.com". But we're a state agency, and the staff's email addresses should reflect that. Now they do: "(staffname)@cac.ca.gov."

If you've gotten to know a particular staff member here at the California Arts Council, you can reach him or her with email addressed in the following manner: first initial + last name @cac.ca.gov. So a fictional "John Smith" here would have the address now of jsmith@cac.ca.gov. (The old email address would have been jsmith@caartscouncil.com.)

Staff will still receive emails addressed to the old "caartscouncil.com" addresses for the next 12 months, so no worries for the near future. But please take a look at your contact lists and databases and update the addresses appropriately. Thanks!

P.S. The website, as well as paperwork, may still list the old addresses during the rest of 2008. We're in the process of cleaning this up by New Year's -- another one of our early New Year's resolutions!

Arts Council seeks to build listing of California arts festivals, monthly civic arts events

The California Arts Council staff is starting their New Year's resolutions early, including a vow to list California arts festivals -- music, film, visual arts, etc. -- and monthly community arts events like "Arts Walk," or "Second Saturday" on our website. Send us info about your community's events!

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