Technology Hiccups: recap of recent stories in the California ArtBeat

Every once in a while the tools created by man to make life easier give out -- a bulb burns out, the toaster breaks, the home PC needs to be re-booted. It's no different here at the California Arts Council. Readers pointed out that recent issues of the California ArtBeat didn't make it to their electronic mailboxes, and they had to go to the California ArtBeat website page to read it.

Just in case you were one of the ones who missed out, we've recapped some of the recent stories in this issue. Of key importance is the story on California Arts Day and the tools we've created here at the Arts Council -- an event database, press release samples, the California Arts Day poster and how to get one ... it's definitely worth a look if you missed it the first time.

And if you DID get the issues the first time ... well, it's quite possible that you got MULTIPLE issues of the California ArtBeat. Many apologies all around -- to those who missed the issues, and to those who think someone's finger got stuck on the "send" button. We think we've fixed the problem and the California ArtBeat will come to an emailbox near you with no issues. If you notice something rotten in Denmark (or amiss with your ArtBeat email), please let us know by sending a note to editor@caartscouncil.com. Thanks!

-- California Arts Council staff

P.S. Remember, you don't need to wait for an issue of the California ArtBeat to check out our Other Opportunities/Grantfinder page, Artist Calls, Arts Jobs, Arts in the Media, Arts Insider News, or any of the other sections of the California ArtBeat. Just go directly to those pages and see what's new.

Take a look at the Arts Council's webpages for California Arts Day -- "California Imagination" is theme

"California Imagination" is the theme of California Arts Day on October 3, 2008, with the popular "arts bear" assemblage by Los Angeles artist Jillian Kogan. Find out how Californians can find California Arts Day events, get suggestions on how to participate through arts organizations and local media, and get a "California Imagination" poster for the cost of shipping. California Arts Day--the first Friday of October--is now in its 10th year, celebrates the arts and creativity in the state, and coincides with National Arts and Humanities Month every October.

California Arts Council to Meet in San Leandro

The California Arts Council will meet in September at a Bay Area juvenile justice center -- one that has a public-art program managed by the county's arts commission.

Kay Ryan of Marin County appointed U.S. Poet Laureate

Kay Ryan -- a native Californian poet and college remedial English instructor from Marin County -- was named the 16th Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry by the Library of Congress on July 17.

CA Cultural Data Project: Now is a great time to utilize the help desk and prepare for the fall grant-application season

Starting in the fall of 2008, all organizations applying for California Arts Council grants will be required to submit a California Cultural Data Project profile. Get ahead of the curve and check out the Project's help desk now, before the crunch.

Got Tech? A California nonprofit offers inexpensive technology solutions and tools for other nonprofit organizations

The administration of any business these days requires technology, and arts organizations aren't exempt. But computers, software and related equipment and services can be expensive. Glenn Hirsch of the nonprofit TechSoup wrote to the California Arts Council about how his organization can help any nonprofit with technology needs, and gives an example of a success story in the arts.

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