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Each week the California ArtBeat eNewsletter lets you know about recent article postings in major media outlets and news tidbits that might not have made it to the newspaper level. But did you know that these articles stay live on our site all the time? Take a look ....

This week we've posted about a dozen news stories, from information about public art projects in the San Francisco Bay Area to a unique community arts project for the homeless and others in Ventura County, to the passing of a former California Arts Council director in southern California. You can see the links to these stories below in this issue of the California ArtBeat -- but you can also see them on our "Arts in the Media" page. We keep the summaries and links live on the site for anywhere between a few weeks for newswire stories that will be taken off the original sites to several months for magazine stories that have a timeless quality and important information about the arts for Californians.

But what about important information that doesn't make it into newspapers -- upcoming national programs like the National Endowment for the Arts' Big Read program in California communities, or a new study from RAND and the Hewlett Foundation that examines the arts education programs in Alameda and Los Angeles Counties, calling them exemplary? We have that here too, all listed under the Arts Insider News tab. We keep these short stories live for an appropriate time based on the content -- which could mean anywhere from two weeks to a year.

Finally, there are longer stories that make it into the newsletter here in the front section, like the announcement of the California Imagination project's flag presented on Flag Day, the background information on the Dana Foundation's landmark investigation into how the arts affect the brain, and even the piece on a resource for health-care information for artists, written by the nonprofit Health Insurance Resources Center's Dan Kitowski. These stories can also be found on our site, either on the homepage in the center (click "Next" on the tab for the series of stories located just under the photo on the homepage), on the "What's New?" page listed under the "Home" tab, or the "Art Stories" page listed under the "Arts News" tab. Like the other pages, the entries here stay live on our site for an appropriate time, sometimes up to a year or more.

Much of the information posted in Arts in the Media, Arts Insider News and Art Stories features comes from the California Arts Council staff. But not always. We need to know about article postings about the arts in California that we might have missed. We welcome information about awards, accolades, administrative changes in staff, program launches and other information from the arts field. And we'd like to add helpful information for artists and arts lovers, as well as meaningful stories about the arts and artists in California. Have an idea? Contact us at editor@caartscouncil.com.

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