California Imagination flies for Flag Day, June 14

Arts lovers statewide will have reason to celebrate Flag Day on Saturday, June 14. The arts of California have their own flag.

Legislature Passes California Arts Resolution

The California Legislature officially recognized the importance of the arts in California last month. SCR 70 by Senator Jack Scott, commemorating the work of the California Arts Council and recognizing Arts Day on October 3, 2008, was passed by the legislature and chaptered by the Secretary of State on May 22.

Arts Jobs Board and Artists Call from the California Arts Council a great place to seek work

One of the most popular parts of the California Arts Council website is the Arts Jobs Board and the Artists Call, user-supplied database listings specifically for artists and arts administrators in California. Right now a cultural planning expert is needed in Riverside ASAP, the California Council on the Humanities is looking for a programs lead in San Francisco, and martini-inspired artwork is needed in Kern County for a fun fundraiser.

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