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Each week the California Arts Council received and sent out important information on the arts for California. While in the past this information was sent in a long and somewhat cumbersome email newsletter, the same information (and more!) is now found through our NEW eNewsletter ... California ArtBeat!

Arts Conference for California March 4; Arts Advocacy on March 5

March 4, 2008 marks the day of the California Arts Council's statewide arts conference, in partnership with the California Arts Advocates' March 5 arts advocacy events. The March 4 conference will examine the future of the arts in California, and the California Arts Advocates events on March 5 consist of training and coordinated legislative outreach efforts on behalf of the arts. February 26 registration deadline. Click MORE below for details.

State Budget 2008/09--California Arts Council Takes Administrative Budget Reduction

Governor Schwarzenegger released his proposed 2008-09 budget for California. As a state agency, the California Arts Council fulfilled its required reduction.

Poetry Out Loud - California State Finals on March 14 in Sacramento

At stake: $200 and the chance to compete for the over $20,000 available at the national finals. The competitors: high school students from 20 counties throughout California. The date: March 14, 2008 at 11:00 am. The place: the Secretary of State's auditorium at 1020 "O" Street in Sacramento. The tools: as Shakespeare said, "words, words, words." And the contest: Poetry Out Loud.

Local Arts Agencies Funded Through State-Local Partners Program

"All arts are local," says Muriel Johnson, Director of the California Arts Council. Given the truth to the saying, it's a given why the California Arts Council invests in the State-Local Partnership Program. Forty-four local arts agencies will receive funding for the six-month period of January through June 2008. Click MORE for details.

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