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Venice Arts seeks a Director of Operations, accountable for organization operations and with the following key areas of responsibility:

• Organization and staff development, assuring at least annual opportunities for team development; an annual review of program goals against the Strategic Plan; and working with the Executive Director to steward updates to, or generate a new Strategic Plan.

• HR policies and practices, including, but not limited to: o Stay current with evolving practices and employment law that might inform changes to the Employee Handbook, and assuring that staff are trained or otherwise oriented to relevant changes.

  • Act as the first-line leader to review and recommend proposed changes in high-level program-based policies (e.g., youth safety).
  • Assure consistent and equitable practices in new employee recruitment and hiring, including, but not limited to: § A meaningful DEI policy and practices

§ Consistent development of position descriptions, as well as dissemination and recruitment to a broad market that will build and sustain a diverse workforce

§ Training to staff on hiring teams on ethical practices for prospective employee screening—from paper through final interviews

§ Working with the Executive Director, and others as appropriate, on points of negotiation for hire (e.g., compensation package; schedule requests; etc.)

  • Manage offer letters to prospective staff. 
  • Provide high-level onboarding of new staff (e.g., review of Employee Handbook, compensation package, payroll processes).
  • Financial systems and controls, including stewarding the annual audit; financial reporting and updates to Guidestar and other platforms; insurances (D&O, liability, WC); Financial Policies & Procedures; payroll. 
  • Facilities and organization-wide systems, including maintenance; space allocation, furniture, and equipment needs; broad, organizational software, technology, and data needs.
  • Operational oversight, including at least annual reviews of operational practices to assure they meet current and projected needs.
  • Compliance with governmental, legal, and funder requirements including, DOJ background checks; Secretary of State filings; Grants.gov and SMU Data Arts; FERPA; and document retention and destruction. 
  • Supervise admin and tech staffers, and the bookkeeper
  • Stewarding one or more organization-wide project(s) each year, time allowing, such as a data systems overhaul, website and collateral updates, and/or project management systems. 
  • Other Duties as Assigned

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