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The InsideOut is an alternative art space located on 21st and I in midtown Sacramento. Consisting of three bay windows, the space is an extension of a ground floor apartment at the Flop Haus, a structural zeitgeist in the community. Since the entire space is viewed from the street, site-specific installations and projects have the potential to be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The InsideOut promotes artistic collaboration, exploration and experimentation across a large spectrum of the Sacramento community. Since The InsideOut is a not for profit art space, the focus will be on work that has no commercial viability. Artists will receive an opportunity to experiment across disciplines, media, and personal boundaries in order to grow artistically and professionally. On the other hand, the public and greater community will have the chance to engage with art that takes risks, that looks at art for its possibilities not its conventions.

In addition, an art blog platform has been created to complement The InsideOut. Loving referred to as “The Louver”, it is an art blog for everyone. Specifically engaging the greater Sacramento region, The Louver encourages anyone to get out there and experience art in all its forms then share what they find to be significant. Irregardless of praise or criticism, we hope for a diverse cross pollination of ideas that will generate greater participation within the arts.

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Expires: 2022-11-06


The InsideOut




2100 I Street, Sacramento Ca 95816


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