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Tafesilafa'i Pacific Islander FestivalEthnic

Tafesilafa'i started in 1997 as a conversation about meaning making in an ethnic community, and it has grown into an inquiry into ways of being in the Urban Pacific Islander communities in Southern California.  The Tafesilafa'i Festival is an integration of indigenous, cultural, and religious values in ways that accentuate the importance of family, community, and others.  These values are expressed through music, dances, narratives, and rituals.  Participants in Tafesilafa'i deepen their faith, hone their talents, and heighten their cultural awareness as they commune with others, reaffirming respect for God, self, family, and the greater community.

Festival has a children/youth component.

Festival Website:

Occurs in: July; August

Festival Location: Aquarium of the Pacific

Contact Information:
Tafesilafa'i, Inc
Katrina Hidalgo
100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 628-9282

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