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Cinequest remains one of the last big festival bastions for the discovery of new and emerging film artists. Cinequest Film Festival (CQFF) presents a dynamic 12-day event of 200 international films with over 400 film artists, technologists, and professionals from 34 countries in attendance. Exhibiting unique social and artistic visions from around the globe, Cinequest's dynamic festival engages audiences in thought-provoking dialogue, giving film artists and film lovers alike an opportunity to connect. Furthermore, Cinequest provides cutting edge technology and movie-making forums to empower professionals and students. Although 80,000 attend CQFF, the four-block proximity of its state-of-the-art venues along with Cinequest's renowned hospitality, makes the festival experience as warm and personal as it is electrifying.

Festival Website:

Occurs in: February; March

Festival Location: Various theatres and sit es

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 720040, San Jose, CA 95172-0040
(408) 295-3378

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