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The Local Impact (LI) program fosters equity, access, and opportunity by providing project and partnership support for small arts organizations reaching underserved communities. All projects must extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations that have limited access to the arts.

Eligibility Criteria

The LI program supports California arts organizations serving underserved communities. All project activities must serve the specified underserved community.

Underserved includes inner city, low income, or rural communities, historically underserved ethnic and cultural communities, people with disabilities, etc. The term “rural” is defined in various ways: population density, population size, demographics, economic data or cultural identity.

  • The applicant must be a California-based nonprofit arts organization with a budget of $1M or less.
  • The organization must demonstrate a history of arts programming for a minimum of two years prior to the time of application. (Organizations whose primary focus is a single event, or events held over the course of a single day or weekend per year, are not eligible to apply.)
  • Use of Fiscal Sponsors allowed in this program.


Staff Contact

Shelly Gilbride
Interim Contact
(916) 324-0075

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Program Goals

Provide greater access to the arts for individuals, families and communities by reducing barriers to arts participation or exploring innovative strategies for new or increased participation. Activate community participants to develop and express their own creative and artistic abilities.
Celebrate local artistic or culturally specific traditions.
Utilize artists and creative projects to address specific community needs, encourage individuals to be active in shaping community life, or foster shared understanding between people. Include artist residencies characterized by deep community interaction and artistic processes that are informed by that interaction. Embed arts activities in community spaces or organizations such as libraries, parks, senior centers, teen centers, veterans’ service agencies or hospitals.



Guidelines & Application Available:
January 14, 2016

Application Deadline:
March 16, 2016, 5:00 PM

Panel Dates
Panel 1 - May 11-13, 2016

Panel 2 - May 16-18, 2016

Grant Activity Period:
Late June 2016 to June 2017