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Concert Winds Conductor
San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory

San Diego, CA

Concert Winds is an ensemble in the San Diego Youth Symphony (SDYS)’s Showcase Program featuring our intermediate-level woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians while they continue to develop ensemble skills and instrument technique. Wind ensemble literature focuses on traditional band and modern contemporary works. Musicians gain experience in articulation, intonation, rhythm, tone production, and dynamics in an ensemble setting. Musicians also advance important concepts of technique, articulation, tone production, intonation, balance, and blend. Students are approximately ages 10-19 in Concert Winds; rehearsals take place on Saturday afternoons in Balboa Park.

The Concert Winds Conductor is responsible to the Associate Director of Conservatory Programs for the auditions, rehearsals, recruitment, and concert performances of the ensemble. Key responsibilities are outlined in the full job description; please go to


Contact:Amber Weber

Deadline: 05-31-2017

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