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Harmony Project Program Director
New West Symphony

Thousand Oaks, CA

New West Symphony Harmony Project of Ventura seeks a passionate and dedicated individual committed to transforming lives through music to become our new Program Director.

We build healthy children and communities by providing instruments, after school music instruction, and mentoring to students and families who would not otherwise be able to afford it. We aim to bridge the social and academic inequities in our community through music, and our dream is that all children are able to learn and play together.

Position Summary

The Program Director guides the vision and development of Harmony Project of Ventura County with a clear eye towards social and musical outcomes and impact, managing program staff and relationships with the New West Symphony administration, Board, and greater community.                                                                     

Job Responsibilities

Program Development and Oversight: 

  • Design music classes, schedules, and yearly calendar, and oversee implementation
  • Develop and maintain systems for feedback on program quality and design, including student assessment; provide reports and recommendations for improvement
  • Manage yearly budget
  • Strive constantly to generate higher outcomes in accordance with our mission, including Student Leadership and Peer Mentors program
  • Oversee daily operations, including parent and family communications, Teaching Artist hiring, supervision and meetings, supply and instrument purchase and repair
  • Oversee growth and expansion to new sites

Concert and Partnership Planning:

  • Develop and maintain community partnerships in Ventura County, including schools, school districts, universities, and other community organizations
  • Stay current with Harmony Project national affiliates
  • Recruit and manage volunteers and interns
  • Initiate and grow involvement of NWS musicians in Harmony Project
  • Coordinate community outreach performances

Development and Marketing 

  • Manage recruitment/visibility campaigns, including the development and updating of content for brochures, fact sheets, website, and social media
  • Coordinate Harmony Project grants with NWS Development Department
  • Participate in planning and execution of major fundraising events
  • Develop and maintain relationships with important stakeholders and program donors

Qualifications and desired skills:

  • A minimum of three years working in the field of  education, music education, and/or community organizing, with management experience
  • Experience and understanding of working with low income and/or immigrant families
  • Understanding of various music pedagogies and their relation to child development
  • Demonstrable commitment to diversity and equitable educational practices
  • Fluency in Spanish
  • Bachelor’s degree minimum
Address: 2100 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Suite D

Deadline: 05-31-2017

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