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Electronic and Digital Art Lab Manager
California College of the Arts

Oakland, CA

Do you have a passion for technology? For learning? For building a community of Makers? If so the Hybrid Lab may be the perfect place for you! The Hybrid Lab at California College of the Arts is an exciting cross discipline making space connecting physical computing, electronics, programming, hacking and technology in art, design and beyond. In the Hybrid Lab students have access to a range of equipment and resources including Arduino, 3D printers, PCB mills, tablets, scanners, a/v equipment, electronic components, soldering stations and more.


You’ll help students make things from micro robots that demonstrate learning to larger interactive pieces worthy of exhibition. You’ll tinker, design, create and play. You’ll talk with students, faculty and visitors, fostering a creative, encouraging learning space for all levels of makers. You’ll aid students with projects, debug circuits and code, and run workshops on topics like physical computing, wearable fabrics and more. You’ll manage daily operations of the lab, training student employees, tracking inventory and ordering supplies. You’ll maintain lab equipment such as 3D printers, PCB mills and Arduino, and train others in their use. You’ll work closely with faculty and staff helping to promote technology in making, and you’ll expand use and learning for students and help showcase the amazing resources of the Hybrid lab at California College of the Arts.


  • Support classroom instruction, assisting faculty to accomplish academic goals

  • Build a physical and virtual repository of Hybrid Lab know how and best practices

  • Develop and deliver inspirational technical orientations and workshops

  • Advise students on solving technical problems related to their coursework, such as debugging code, troubleshooting circuits, breadboarding, and more

  • Test and demonstrate lab technology motors, servos, LED’s, etc.

  • Continually seek new ways to inspire and introduce the college to technology, computing and electronics in making through art and design

  • Keep abreast of developments in emerging technologies / mobile platforms as well as hacker discoveries

  • Build thriving relationships across college divisions to inform about lab activities,  workshops, and opportunities

  • Perform administrative duties; order supplies, maintain inventory and equipment, schedule and manage student staff, etc.

  • Maintain a safe, clean and organized lab

  • Ability to lift 20+ pounds
  • Ability to sit and stand for prolonged periods of time during the day


  • An outgoing, charismatic personality able to support technology in making

  • The ability to inspire trust, and to  encourage others

  • Interest and ability working with and engaging the CCA Community

  • Ability to prioritize work, function independently and work cooperatively

  • Interest and ability in administrative duties as related to this position

  • 2+ years of experience in physical computing, programming, electronics engineering or computer science

  • 1+ years of experience working in a making space, shop or lab preferably in an academic setting


  • Advanced knowledge in Arduino, processing, and other programming languages

  • B.A. or B.S in computer science,electronics, electronics or design/technology related fields


Deadline: 03-30-2017

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