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#Commit2SLA: Commit to South Los Angeles
For National artists

Call for Artists Interested in Selling their Art to Support South Los Angeles!

Organization:  Community Health Councils is a non-profit, community-based health policy and advocacy organization. Established in 1992, our mission is to promote social justice and achieve equity in community and environmental resources to improve the health and well-being of underserved populations.  CHC has been at the forefront of major health policy achievements that have brought about community transformation in South Los Angeles. Learn about us: Or, check out our highlight "reel":

25th Anniversary Campaign:  CHC is embarking in its 25th year of service to South LA, which is also the 25th Anniversary of the civil unrest.  To commemorate CHC and our community’s stance against inequity, we are looking for artists to take the pledge, ‘Commit to South LA’ (#Commit2SLA), because art is a powerful tool to evoke social change. Without uttering a single word, artists can enlighten, educate and affect change around the world. Become a part of this exciting change by joining forces with CHC!


We are looking for artists of color, from all disciplines and with varied experiences, interested in being part of our 25th Anniversary. Although we will have a day of recognition in June, to mark the occasion of our birth, we will continue to feature artists throughout the year by promoting their works to our 10,000+ supporters statewide.

For the 25th Anniversary event in June 2017: A limited number of pieces will be selected for a Silent Auction sale, which will more closely represent South LA. We will use these images to promote our event and therefore giving more exposure to the artists.

For the ongoing engagement of artists: CHC will process the orders though our website (or Etsy) and email order fulfillment information to the artists. We started this collaboration last year and found that the most successful pieces are affordable and easy to ship.

Artists may submit more than one design.


  • Artists of Color of who create original artwork and want to support social justice and South LA
  • Able to fulfill orders within 2 days of receiving the order request
  • For Silent Auction, artist must be able to provide artwork by June 1st
  • For the silent auction: we are asking artists to consider a full donation to CHC
  • For the ongoing strategy: artist agree to a 60% artist/40% CHC revenue split of each sale
  • Selections for inclusion will be made by CHC based on artistic excellence, originality and connection with theme 

Must Submit: Email us your application and include the following information:

  • Contact – Name, address, phone, email
  • A brief (200 word maximum) “Artist Statement” explaining your art, your creative process and/or what the theme means to you.
  • High resolution images of Individual art pieces
  • Medium and dimensions
  • Maximum amount of orders able to fulfill weekly
  • Price point (retail)
  • Indicate if your submission is for online sale or silent auction sale.

Artist Application and Design submissions are due prior to: April 14, 2017 10:00 PM (PST) to Carlos Hernandez (

Deadline: 04-14-2017
Community Health Councils
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Carlos Hernandez

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