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August 30, 2011Mary Beth Barber

The California Arts Council provides over $1 million to 135 Arts Organizations for "Artists in Schools"

Grants support K-12 arts education programs in schools throughout California

Sacramento -

The California Arts Council announces funding for the 2011-12 "Artists in Schools" program. "Artists in Schools" is designed to support professional teaching artists in residency activities in classrooms and after-school programs. The program will provide funding for 135 arts organizations to help bring music, theater, dance, visual arts and related arts to children statewide during the 2011-12 school year.

"The arts are crucial to a student's educational development, and especially enhance the essential life and career skills of creativity and imagination," said Craig Watson, Director of the California Arts Council. "Our agency supports standards-based arts education through the Artists in Schools program so professional teaching artists can enhance the imagination and creativity of our state's school-age children."

The organizations receiving funding are in two categories: teaching artists' residency activity, and planning grants. There are 129 organizations that will receive funding to bring professional teaching artists to in-school and after-school settings, and six organizations that will receive planning grants designed to assist the arts organization and school partner to plan a course of action and strategies to incorporate arts into the classroom and community.

Music, theater, dance, and the visual arts are at the core of these standards-based teaching artists' residencies that will engage students from different socio-economic backgrounds in positive artistic expression. Examples of residencies vary from robust music programs to public art projects that involve students and members of the community to theater training and public performances. The total amount allocated for the 2011-12 Artists in Schools program is $1,099,995.

The list of funded organizations and a description of their teaching artists' work is below.  Members of the press may contact Mary Beth Barber, Information Officer, at 916-322-6588 or Arts organizations or school administrators interested in information about the Artists in Schools program may contact Wayne Cook, Arts Education Administrator and Coordinator, at 916-322-6344 or

Recipients of the 2010-2011 Artist in Schools Program Grants

24th Street Theatre (Los Angeles), to provide residency workshops at Richard Merkin Middle School and Norwood Street School that will engage students in a professional theater environment lead by trained theater artists, while serving the theater's mission to provide Arts Education to students in their local neighborhood. $7,680

About Productions (Pasadena), to help students at Monterey Continuation High School in East Los Angeles build their language skills through a cross-generational theater residency that utilizes historical content, oral histories, creative processes, and communication techniques through collaboration with artists of the company's forthcoming original production Evangeline, The Queen of Make-Believe. $8,160

Alameda County Arts Commission (Oakland), to support the visual and language arts education program at the Butler Academic Center that serves incarcerated youth ages 12-18 at Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center in San Leandro, California. Students will be working in a range of media that includes drawing, painting, mosaics, paper arts and fiber arts. $9,580

Alvarado Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) (San Francisco), to support its Visual Artist in Residency at Alvarado Elementary School that supports a multidisciplinary arts program--a program that includes theater and music as well as a wide range of other media. The arts residencies help students understand art in its historical and cultural contexts. $7,500

Angels Gate Cultural Center (San Pedro), to provide students at Port of Los Angeles High School with eighteen weekly, two-hour sessions of skill-based arts education with the help of administrators, specialists and teachers. $7,680

Armory Center of the Arts (Pasadena), to provide in-school visual-arts education classes at Washington Middle School. Students will be working in mediums such as sculpture, photography, and 3-D art over a 16-week period. The program will culminate in a curated exhibition at the school. $9,600

Arts and Learning Conservatory (Garden Grove), to align Tewinkle Middle School's theater productions with the English Department Literature curriculum for the 2011-2012 academic year. Productions planned are various plays by Shakespeare, Charles Dickens' Oliver and Christmas Carol, and an adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Students will meet once a week and fill roles including props, set design, acting and more. $2,940

Arts and Services for Disabled (Long Beach), to support the development of a community-theme wall mural at Tulsa Street School in the Los Angeles Unified Schools District by an artist in residence and 50 students--with and without developmental disabilities--in grades 3-5. Other activities include making individual art pieces that will be transferred onto a school wall as permanent art. $2,000

Arts Council of Kern (Bakersfield), to help foster both creative autonomy and collaborative exchange amongst at-risk students at Vista West High School through a 20-week filmmaking residency that incorporates visual arts, media arts, theater and dance. $7,500

Arts Council of Monterey County (Carmel), to support the partnership between the town of Gonzales and local school districts that support "green" industries through the Mi Planeta Mio/My Planet Project. The Mi Planeta Mio/My Planet Project will provide a high quality arts, music, and visual arts education to students in Gonzales and showcase the arts through sustainability and the Latino community. $8,400

Arts Council of Sonoma County (Santa Rosa), to help five published poets deliver a long-term and  in-depth Poetry Writing residency at four public schools, allowing students in Sonoma County to experience poetry through consistent engagement and a continued relationship with a professional poet. The residency will culminate in a student anthology. $3,590

Artschange (Richmond), to develop a series of three 12-week after-school residencies at Gompers High School that will engage youth artists to explore the stories of their communities in a project that will feature artist-led investigations using mediums of painting, printmaking and photography. $7,000

Artseed (San Francisco), to help further the mission of connecting visual artists with youth and their communities at Sherman Elementary and the Burnett Child Development Center and creating art while teaching skills and habits necessary for successful development in any field. The partnership will provide project-based art curricula and high-quality artist-led lessons rooted in fine arts and follow the curricula for California Content Standards for Visual Arts. $10,800

ArtSpan (San Francisco), to continue programming at the largely low-income Bessie Carmichael Elementary Schools and to expand ArtSpan programs to Buena Vista Elementary School of the Art for City Youth Program for the 2011-2012 school year. All programs will connect local working artists with under-served youth in San Francisco. $7,680

Asian Improv aRts (San Francisco), to support residencies at Alice Fong Yu Alternative, Clarendon Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program, and Redding Elementary in which artists focus on music, dance and visual arts in in-school and after-school programs. $9,000

Berkeley Symphony (Berkeley), to support the partnership of Thousand Oaks Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, Emerson Elementary and Washington Elementary with the "Music in Schools" Program, a program that demonstrates the skills, knowledge and understanding of the arts through music education. The in-school program is consistent with state and local arts education standards and works with educators to provide instruction that inspire students and address various learning objectives. $7,000

Bethune Theatredanse (Los Angeles), to provide in-school dance classes at Loma Alta Elementary and Baden-Powell Elementary taught by professional and trained dance artists for special needs and abled students. $9,600

Blue Bear School of Music (San Francisco), to continue the after-school program in music collaboration with the STAR Program, Studio 101, which provides equipment, materials and in-depth instruction in composition, recording and editing of music at Ida B. Wells High School, International Studies Academy, and Abraham Lincoln High School. $9,000

Bluepalm: Art Culture Education (Los Angeles), to provide in-school professional development in arts integration to K-5 generalist teachers at Crescendo Charter, Montague Charter, and Watts Learning Center. The partnership will deepen artist/teacher peer relationships, build interdisciplinary dance/theater skills, and provide in-class mentorship for cross-curricular arts-integration. $8,160

Boxtales Theater Company (Santa Barbara), to create an in-school theater program at McKinley Elementary School for 4th grade classes. Students will create original theater sketches to be performed by the students for the community, as well as learn interview and acting skills which will improve their motivation, confidence, and cooperation. $5,175

California Center for the Arts Escondido Foundation (Escondido), to support an in-school outreach literacy program at Central Elementary, Conway Elementary and Lincoln Elementary that promotes problem-solving and academic learning through in-depth arts programming taught by professional artists. Students learn through museum visits and their own visual exploration. $8,400

California Dance Institute (Venice), to help sponsor an in-school, full year program that gives students at Marlton School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing the basic understanding of the fundamentals of movement, rhythm and music through structured, energetic dance classes with live musical accompaniment. $9,600

California Institute of the Arts (Valencia), to create an after-school Digital Video and Animation class at Central Los Angeles High School #9 in collaboration with CalArts members, student instructors and public school teachers. Students will produce short films using techniques in computer animation and live action video, and will broaden their artistic skills and gain valuable pre-professional experiences. $8,860

Cantare Con Vivo (Oakland), to bring free weekly choral-music education to students at Lincoln Elementary, Cleveland Elementary, Melrose Leadership Academy, and Lafayette Elementary. The artists-in-residence will work with teachers to bring quality music education to K-2 classrooms, and will also work with 3rd grade classes on a language arts unit and 4th grade social studies classes on the Music of California History. $9,000

Center for World Music (San Diego), to develop a program that will teach traditional music and dance from Africa, India, and Indonesia in K-5 public school classrooms. Group dance and music lessons will be hands-on weekly classes for both beginner and advanced students. $10,800

Central Sierra Arts Council (Sonora), to bring standards-based in-school and after-school theater and visual art residencies to K-8 students at Twain Hart Middle Schools, Curtis Creek School, Sonora Elementary, and Jamestown School. Lead artists will also be accompanied by guest artists to support programs in music, theater, dance, literary arts and visual arts. $8,400

Chinese Cultural Productions (San Francisco), to support the organization's after-school arts education programs at R. L. Stevenson Elementary, John Yehall Chin Elementary and Francis Scott Key Elementary. Instructors provide weekly classes in traditional Chinese dance that will culminate in an on-site public performance. $9,000

City Ballet, Inc (San Diego), to offer a 28-week program, "Discover a Dancer," for second grade students at Hamilton Elementary that provides exposure and in-depth study of ballet taught by professional teaching artists. The program will culminate in a student performance at a school assembly for their peers and families. $9,600

City of San Fernando (San Fernando), to support the Mariachi Master Apprentice Program at San Fernando Middle School, a 32-week after-school program that connects master musicians with underserved youth in an instructional experience that preserves mariachi music traditions through a quality apprenticeship program. The program targets advanced instrument instruction and performance skills. $9,000

Community School of Music and Arts (Mountain View), to support the Art4Schools after-school program at Mariano Castro Elementary, Edith Landels Elementary and Stevenson Elementary. The program uses painting and drawing to emphasize creative expression; develop the appreciation of cultural and historical foundation of art; and increase the understanding of the language arts and the development of technical skills. $8,400

Community Works West (Berkeley), to provide a 32-week in-school visual arts residency at El Cerrito High School. This residency is in collaboration with the Teen Alive elective course, which brings together young men who have been impacted by incarceration. A lead artist will help students understand and deconstruct violence through various mixed media projects. $9,000

Crowden Music Center (Berkeley), to continue to bring a comprehensive music education program to Washington Elementary School's K-2 students. The program will be in the form of in-school music classes taught by experienced musicians, performers and music educators. $8,270

Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County (Santa Cruz), to increase the language and academic competency of students at Amesti Elementary School through "Page to Stage," a comprehensive in-school program of high quality theater arts instruction that is designed to support the academic curriculum of the school and will culminate in a grade-level drama production performed for the community. $9,000

Dance Kaiso (San Francisco), to provide arts residencies at Meadows-Livingston Elementary School and the San Francisco Justice Center allowing students ages 6-12 to explore Afrocentric music and dance forms developed in the Americas from the mid-19th century onward. $9,600

Destiny Arts Center (Oakland), to provide K-6 students at Santa Fe Elementary with a 30-week dance residency in the instruction of African and Diaspora dance forms, as well as teach the African origins of contemporary urban movements. Students will learn various historical and cultural context that influence today's dance styles through the use of embodied movement, games and age-appropriate role playing. $3,000

Diablo Ballet (Walnut Creek), to support an in-school dance education curriculum with free performances to students and families at Las Juntas Elementary and Washington Elementary. The program will integrate dance, theater and music in a three-part interactive, collaborative venture to bring dance and music education to over 200 students throughout the school year. $9,000

Dimensions Dance Theater (Oakland), to continue the in-school residency program "Rites of Passage" at Oakland High School, Carl B. Munck High School, Sankofa Academy, and Oakland Technical High School during the 2011-2012 school year. "Rites of Passage" is a dance program that offers classes in West African, Haitian, Cuban, and Brazilian, as well as more contemporary forms such as Modern/Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Spoken Word, and Hip Hop. The program strives to help students work collectively and develop a deeper sense of their self-esteem. $8,400

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (Richmond), to provide after-school performing arts classes at Helms Middle School, Grant Elementary and Dover Elementary that will be free and open to all students. The classes will be held in 14-week sessions during the fall and spring term, and culminate in a public performance for the community at the end of each term. $9,000

El Dorado Community Foundation (Placerville), to support the in-school program, Science Fusion Theater, which combines guided-inquiry with energizing theater techniques to engage students' science learning at Sierra Expeditionary Learning School, Tahoe Lake Elementary, and Kings Beach Elementary.  Students will develop the ability to ask questions, investigate, and construct explanations for the questions posed in interactive dramatizations performed by the students themselves. $6,815

Education Through Music-Los Angeles (ETM-LA, Inc) (Burbank), to provide El Dorado Elementary and Stephen Foster Elementary with quality, year-long in-school music instruction taught by trained professional teaching artists.  Students will learn the violin, guitar, recorder, and general music through sequential, integrated 45 minute classes and hold performances throughout the year for their families and communities. $7,680

Eveoke Dance Theatre (San Diego), to support the dance residencies at Hoover High School that will provide a 32-week dance instruction and culminate in an end-of-the-year performance by the students.  The program will focus on fostering students to become multifaceted dancers, imaginative thinkers and educate students on positive actions through music and dance. $8,000

FloricantoDance Theatre (Pasadena), to continue the Danza Floricanto/USA program which provides an after-school folkloric program throughout the school year at Sunrise Elementary, Hollenbeck Middle School, Roosevelt High School and Kipp College Preparatory. Students will produce two recitals that are open to the public as part of the partnership between the program and participating schools. $9,600

Forestville Education Foundation (Forestville), to support the K-3 visual arts project at Forestville Elementary School that provides hands-on art experience based on California Visual Art standards. The project is fulfilled with the students' creation of art in the classroom under the direction of a professional artist and will culminate in a student exhibition. Students are exposed to art history, cultural arts and art vocabulary while using various art mediums. $5,415

Gabriella Axelrad Education Foundation (Los Angeles), to provide K-8 students at Gabriella Charter School and Camino Nuevo Charter Academy with in-school dance classes to through the program "Everybody Dance!" $9,000

Ginga Arts Inc. (Los Angeles), to support the continuation of the in-school residency program at Accelerated Charter Elementary School with an Afro-Brazilian artist and Capoeira instructor who will combine dance, music and singing for students in grades K-5. $10,800

Greenway Arts Alliance (Los Angeles), to support the after-school program "Shakespeare in the Classroom" at Fairfax High School where students are introduced to various elements of classical theater and the performance and production components involved. Students will learn, and eventual perform chosen Shakespeare plays. $7,680

Hernandez Mariachi Heritage Society (South El Monte), to provide after-school Mariachi instrumental instruction for violin, guitar, trumpet and various other instruments for low-and moderate-income students in the communities of Pasadena, South El Monte and Central Los Angeles. $8,160

Higher Gliffs (Oakland), to continue the after-school arts mentorship program, the "Arrow-Soul Council," at Oakland Unity High School.  The program will begin with a comprehensive unit that traces the development of the New York City subway writing movement and culminates in the students creating their own master works of art. The students will also study mural design to create an increasingly intricate series of projects, culminating in a full-scale community mural. $9,000

Humboldt Arts Council (Eureka), to support the placement of trained, experience poets at Costal Grove Charter School, Dow's Prairie Elementary School, Arcata Arts Institute and Pine Hill School. Teaching artists will work with students in grades K-12 in hands-on, sequential training in poetry writing, reading, recitation, and publishing. $9,600

Imagination Workshop (Los Angeles), to support a 32-week in-school theater class at Olympic High and Fletcher Drive Elementary. Students will learn to express themselves through metaphor and creating and performing original theatre works under the direction of trained theater artists. $7,680

Inland Pacific Ballet (Montclair), to establish an after-school dance artist-in-residence program at Edison Elementary School in which students will learn ballet and hip-hop in two 14-week sessions. Students will present a school assembly as well as have the opportunity to see professional company performances. $8,400

Inside Out Community Arts, Inc. (Venice), to continue the after-school theater-based program "The School Project," which serves at-risk and underserved middle school youth at four diverse Los Angeles public middle schools. The program includes 17 weekly workshops at each site, a field trip to a professional play, a Saturday family workshop, a 3-day camping rehearsal/retreat, preview performances at school assemblies, and a free public performance at a professional theatre, which features the students' original plays. $9,600

Kaisahan of San Jose Dance Co., Inc. (San Jose), to support the 20-week after-school dance program, Kulturang Pinoy, at Carolyn A. Clark Elementary, Holly Oak Elementary and Hoover Community Center. The program will provide artist-lead Philippine folk dance classes to students. $9,000

Kala Art Institute (Berkeley), to support Visual Arts and Indian dance residencies at Anna Yates Elementary and Emery Secondary during the 2011-2012 school year. The residencies will expose students to visual art and performance techniques, vocabulary, and cultural history that will compliment classroom curriculum. $10,800

Kularts (San Francisco), to support an after-school arts education program, "The Pilipino Pantheon of Supreme and Celestial Beings!" for students in grades 3-8 at Bessie Carmichael Elementary and the Filipino Education Center. Students will learn poetry, theater, dance/movement and performance skills that will help them understand and articulate self-identity and Pilipino cultural values within the American context. $7,275

L.A.C.E.R. After School Programs (Hollywood), to provide instrumental music instruction for predominantly low-income, minority youth through the after-school program "Rock Band Workshop" at Joseph LeConte Middle School. Students will learn to play basic band instruments, learn the fundamentals of music and how they relate to culture and community. Students will share their work with local schools and communities. $8,505

Leap (San Francisco), to support two in-school Leap teaching artists in providing creative classroom projects in the visual and performing arts at John Yehall Chin Elementary and Redding Elementary. These programs will enable students to experience creativity, interwoven with school curriculum, as the artists lead the way through the exciting process of creative thinking, collaboration and hands-on activities. At the end of each residency, a showcase will present the students' work to the community. $10,800

Los Angeles Master Chorale (Los Angeles), to support the residencies of in-school professional artists who mentor students at Central Los Angeles High School #9 as they collaborate in small groups during a 20-week program to write lyrics and compose music for an original oratorio. The program culminates in a premiere performance by student-composers for the school and community. $9,600

Los Angeles Opera Company (Los Angeles), to support "Voices for Tolerance," an ongoing music workshop that provides residency at Vena Avenue Elementary and Berendo Middle School. Through collaboration with the Los Angeles Opera, students learn the fundamentals of music, drama and related disciplines through the study of choral music from diverse cultures. $9,600

Lula Washington Dance Theatre (Los Angeles), to provide a 32-week in-school artist residency at Dorsey High School that will provide movement and choreography workshops culminating in a student performance. $7,680

Luna Kids Dance, Inc. (Emeryville), to provide in-school standards-based dance education programs at New Highland Academy, Thurgood Marshall Elementary and Westlake Middle School for K-8 students. The program is brought to schools through a professional development model which includes model classes and side-by-side coaching. $9,000

Lux Art Institute (Encinitas), to support an in-school visual art program at Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts for students in grades second, forth, and sixth.  The 18-week program will be taught by teaching artists and will feature projects using painting, sculpture, printmaking and mixed-media that will allow students to explore and discuss museum-quality art in their classrooms. $9,600

Malashock Dance (San Diego), to create access to inclusive dance education for underserved third and fifth grade students at Freese Elementary in collaboration with the school's English Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum. Students will attend carefully designed weekly dance lessons that integrate movement with academic study. $9,720

Mammoth Art Guild (Mammoth Lakes), to continue the Meet the Masters after-school performing arts program at Bridgeport Elementary, Lee Vining Elementary, Mammoth Elementary and Mammoth High School. The 24-week program will be led by performance artists who will supplement the classes with visual art classes as well as teach opera, choreography and voice lessons. $7,680

Marin Shakespeare Company (San Rafael), to provide in-school sequential, standards-based performing arts instruction for K-5 students at Lynwood Elementary School in Novato and San Pedro Elementary School in San Rafael. $8,400

Media Arts Center San Diego (San Diego), to support the Teen Producers Project for students in grades 9-12 in the Sheltered English Program at Orange Glen High School. In two consecutive 15-week after-school media artist residencies, students engage in hands-on projects with media arts with arts professionals and will create video documentaries to practice critical thinking. $9,600

Melody of China (San Francisco), to conduct an after-school music program at Sunset Elementary School. Students will learn how to play traditional Chinese instruments and will be instructed in the basics of proper techniques and reading of the Chinese system of music notation. The program will culminate in a student recital. $9,600

Mendocino Poets in the Schools (Albion), to support professional writers who will lead in-school poetry workshops at Dana Gray Elementary, Mendocino K-8 Campus, Pacific Community Charter School and Point Arena High School. Students will study a variety of cultural and stylistic traditions; learn to write and recite their own original poems; and publish their work in class anthologies to be displayed in public venues. At the high school level, students will write, perform, record and host a Youth Poetry Radio show that will be podcast via the web. $9,600

Muckenthaler Cultural Center (Fullerton), to continue and expand the in-school arts program at Crittenton Services Refugee School in which dance, theater, music and visual artists conduct courses twice a week for students in the community. The curriculum will also include arts festivals, regular gallery tours, recitals and tickets to Muckenthaler Cultural Center. $7,000

Museum of Children's Art (Oakland), to support their in-school ASCEND artist residency program for K-5 students at ASCEND K-8 School. Through this residency, students will build upon fundamental concepts and skills in visual art, including line, color, shape, texture and space. $8,400

New Century Chamber Orchestra (San Francisco), to support the after-school portion of the music education program at Bayside Elementary School and San Pedro Elementary School. The program components include multiple assembly visits to 3rd and 4th grade students at both schools, as well as after-school group violin lessons for 3rd-5th grade students at each school. $9,000

New Village Arts, Inc. (Carlsbad), to bring the performances of William Shakespeare to Guajome Park Academy and El Camino High School in the after-school program, "The Shakespeare Network." Students will experience the performances through a series of workshops designed to explore the use of language, acting techniques, stage combat and more, and transfer it to a full production of a Shakespearean play, led by professional actors and teachers. $8,400

Oakland East Bay Symphony (Oakland), to support the classroom component of the Music for Excellence during the 2011-2012 academic year at Franklin Elementary, Westlake Middle School, Roosevelt Middle School, and Skyline High School. The program serves over 2,000 Oakland students in disadvantaged neighborhoods each year using ongoing, sequential, standards-based instrumental instruction. $9,000

Oakland Youth Chorus (Oakland), to support the after-school choral music education classes that compliment the school-day curriculum at Think College Now, International Community Elementary School and ASCEND Elementary School. The program will be taught by accomplished vocalists, performing musicians and teaching artists, and will focus on developing practical music skills, learning age-appropriate music theory, and developing an appreciation and historical understanding of multicultural repertoire. $8,400

Ojai Music Festival (Ojai), to support an after-school music program at Topa Topa Elementary, Meiners Oaks Elementary, Mira Monte Elementary, and San Antonio Elementary. Teaching artists will provide students with basic music instruction to younger grades and a world, music residency to upper level students. $7,000

Opera Piccola (Oakland), to support several artist residencies to work in after-school programs in theater, drama, dance, music and visual arts at Sankofa Elementary, Elmhurst Elementary, Alliance Academy, and Oakland Technical High School. Students will collaborate with artists-in-residency to create original artwork based on universal themes that are chosen by the students themselves. $9,000

Out of Site: Center for Arts Education (San Francisco), to support free after-school programs in architecture and public art for local high school students. The multi-disciplinary class is a continuation of the 2010-2011 programs, and will be offered in the fall and spring semester of the 2011-2012 academic year. $10,800

P.S. ARTS (Los Angeles), to support a 30-week in-school artist-in-residence at Grand View Elementary School that will provide students with comprehensive and sequential classes in visual arts and music during the 2011-2012 academic year and be held in conjunction with core classes. $7,680

Palo Alto Art Center Foundation (Palo Alto), to support the artists-in residency at Green Oaks Elementary, Belle Haven Elementary, Ohlone Elementary, and Walter Hayes Elementary. The artists-in-residency will provide a standards-based sequential visual arts program during the 2011-2012 academic year. Students will complete collaborative art projects in artist-led classes that will culminate in an exhibition of student work. $8,400

Pasadena Conservatory of Music (Pasadena), to support the Young Musicians Program at Jefferson Elementary School. This 32-week sequential music program will provide weekly standards-based lessons in music education to K-5 students. $8,160

Peralta Parent Teacher Group (Oakland), to support the textile and digital media residencies at Peralta Elementary School that will provide K-5 students with both weekly and in-depth workshops to teach standards-based arts curriculum and support core academic subjects. With a focus on community and environmental themes, students will participate in projects and activities that will support arts standards and explore how art can be an effective form of communication, build community and achieve positive change. $9,600

Performing Arts Workshop (San Francisco), to support the three in-school artists-in-residency at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary and Ulloa Elementary. The teaching artists will conduct fifteen 30-week workshops in creative writing, percussion and movement, and hip-hop dance. $7,680

Playwrights Project (San Diego), to provide the SEEDS Program to 6-8th graders at Tierra del Sol Middle School and San Ysidro Middle School. The program will infuse drama into the Language Arts curriculum by providing students with intensive playwriting instruction, interactive sessions with actors, and opportunities to observe and analyze live theatre. $10,800

Plumas Arts (Quincy), to provide in-school, hands-on art workshops for K-6 students at Chester Elementary, Greenville Elementary, Quincy-Pioneer Elementary, and C. Roy Carmichael Elementary. $9,000

Prescott Circus Theatre (Oakland), to provide a circus and theatre-arts education program at Prescott Elementary School. The program will provide students with hands-on experiences with professional artists to deepen the classroom performing arts curriculum for 3rd-5th graders. Students will gain performing and community service experience as they appear in shows and community events through the residency. $9,600

Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement (Oakland), to support the center's ArtPLACE program, an in-school arts program for K-5th students at the Preparatory Literary Academy of Cultural Excellence (PLACE) at Prescott Elementary School. The program will provide students who have limited access to visual arts education with hands-on art instruction from a professional visual artists and experiences youth educator from the West Oakland community. $7,680

Public Corporation for the Arts (Long Beach), to support a public after-school art education program for 3rd grade students at Hudson K-8 School, Garfield Elementary and Chavez Elementary School. Students will learn about local history, public art, architecture, and design through a comprehensive and in-depth program of classes, field trips and other learning activities provided by professional artists and community partners. $9,600

Purple Silk Music Education Foundation, Inc. (Oakland), to support the school residency program at Lincoln Elementary School during the 2011-2012 academic year. The program will provide ongoing, in-depth, sequential instruction in traditional Chinese music conducted by professional artists in the field of Chinese music. Activities will include instruction in Chinese musical instruments, folk songs, rehearsals and culminate in a performance. $8,160

Redwood Heights Parents' Fund Association (Oakland), to support the Redwood Heights Studio Art Program, an in-school 32-week dynamic, hands-on visual art program for K-5 students at Redwood Heights Elementary School. The program will promote self-expression while developing skills in critical thinking and problem solving using California Visual and Performing Arts standards. $7,200

Rhythmic Concepts, Inc. (Oakland), to provide the in-school music-education program "Oakland Children's Community Choir" at Cleveland Elementary and Glenview Elementary School. The program focuses on the fundamentals of ear, vocal and rhythm training; blend, tone, enunciation and harmony for large group ensemble singing; performance skills such as stage etiquette and vocal dynamics; and the historical and cultural context of the program's repertoire. $5,370

Richmond District Neighborhood Center (San Francisco), to support an artist residency in an arts and literary after-school program at Argonne Elementary School for the 2011-2012 school year. The curriculum will focus on creative writing, puppet design and theater arts that will encourage students to think conceptually and engage them in writing and visual design. By the end of each semester, students write a script, build a stage, and create an elaborate ensemble of puppets for a culminating performance. $6,510

Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (Sacramento), to provide artist residencies in visual and performing arts to twenty-four K-3 classrooms in local elementary schools. The program is developed in collaboration with teachers and artists to provide standards-based workshops for students. Artists also produce a school assembly and provide teachers with professional development workshops in visual and performing arts. $9,600

San Benito County Arts Council (Hollister), to create an after-school program at Calveras Elementary and San Juan School with El Teatro Campesino, a local theater arts group, which will combine theater arts with California State history curriculum. The program will immerse students in music, theater and visual arts through the re-telling of the conquest of Mexico that will transforming the students' learning and experiences of history through art. $6,450

San Diego Dance Theater (San Diego), to continue the artist-in-residencies at Canyon Crest Academy and Valencia Park Elementary. Teaching artists will hold standards-based classes in several dance types, including modern dance, ballet and hip-hop/jazz. Students in grades K-5 will learn the principals of time, space and energy as they relate to improved learning of core curricula within their classrooms. $9,000

San Diego Guild of Puppetry, Inc. (Oceanside), to continue the development of an in-school puppetry-based curriculum at Freese Elementary and Monroe Clark Middle School. Students will participate in sequential, California Visual and Performing Arts standards-based puppetry performing arts classes in this 12-week program. $9,600

San Diego Museum of Art (San Diego), to conduct an 18-week residency for 6th graders at the Museum School, a charter school located near the museum. This residency will be presented as three six-week sessions in chalk pastel drawing. $5,000

San Diego Opera (San Diego), to implement the "Words and Music" program to improve arts education and literacy skills of at-risk elementary, middle and high schools through the creation of student-written and composed opera. The 12-week residency will follow district and California Visual and Performing Arts guidelines, teaching students to read and write music and lyrics. $10,800

San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory (San Diego), to provide students at Oak Park Elementary School with after-school introductory percussion training in African drumming and Western classical percussion. The program will prepare students in becoming performance ready in three months, as well as help students learn to read music and master multiple Western percussion instruments. The program serves as a training ground for new percussionists to move into the large ensemble program. $9,000

San Francisco Arts Commission (San Francisco), to support experienced teacher-artists in poetry, fiction writing and performance to work at Mission High School to help students increase their ability to express themselves verbally and in written works. $9,600

San Francisco Arts Education Project (San Francisco), to support the artist residencies at Monroe Elementary, Paul Revere Elementary and Yik Wo Elementary in the disciplines of music, theatre, and visual arts that will provide arts education to students during the 2011-2012 academic year. $9,000

San Francisco Children's Art Center (San Francisco), to support the after-school artist residency at McKinley Elementary. The teaching artist will provide three 10-week programs in the visual arts, specifically the areas of painting and drawing, architectural sculpture, and bookmaking, as well as focus on the individual creative process within a standards-based framework. Students will focus on the exploration of basic technique and media associated with each art form, as well as the appreciation of the art form by student-led discussions on cultural, historical and current examples. $2,000

San Francisco Girls Chorus (San Francisco), to support the expansion of the in-school program "Creating Choral Music" at Lafayette Elementary and Jefferson Elementary. In collaboration with school teachers, students will learn the basic skills of singing, working together, and perform as an ensemble. The program will culminate in performances for the student-body, parents, and community. $5,680

Santa Barbara Dance Institute (Santa Barbara), to offer in- and after-school dance programs for at-risk and low income students at Adelante Charter School, Canalino Elementary, El Camino Elementary and Solvang School. Students will participate in public performances, school assemblies, and will perform at a professional theater. The program aims to prepare students for life by building character, confidence, and teamwork, while providing them with an actual experience of success through dance. $9,600

Santa Barbara Museum of Art (Santa Barbara), to offer the free after-school program "Homework/Artwork Afterschool" (HAAS) at Franklin Elementary School that will provide homework help from a certified classroom teacher, hands-on art classes inspired by current exhibitions and field trips to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. $8,400

Santa Clarita Community College District (Santa Clarita), to create a 12-week in-school program at Sulphur Springs Community School and Wiley Canyon Elementary that will provide dance instruction to 4th and 5th graders. The program will highlight dance as a creative process while teaching students various dance elements. The program will culminate in a student performance for peers and family. $9,000

ShadowLight Productions (San Francisco), to support artist-in-residencies at Buena Vista Elementary, Everett Middle School, Francis Scott Key Elementary and Horace Mann Middle School. Teaching artists will collaborate with teachers to create all-student shadow theater productions. $5,845

Sierra County Arts Council (Downieville), to bring standards-based arts education in music, visual arts and theater combined with activities within a historical and cultural context to Loyalton Elementary and Middle School, Loyalton High School, Downieville Elementary School, and Downieville Junior/Senior High School. $6,400

Southland Opera (Duarte), to support the music composition workshop residency at Andres Duarte Elementary, Royal Oaks Elementary, Northview Intermediate and Valley View Elementary.  The workshop focuses on music composition, theatre and performance that will culminate in a public performance assembly for parents, peers and the community. $9,600

Southwest Chamber Music Society (Pasadena), to provide in-school group lessons and chamber music coaching by professional musician/mentors for students at Pasadena High School, Keppel High School and Irving Middle School. Students, some who may not be able to afford private lessons, will be coached in orchestra, band and instrumental instruction. The program hopes to help students achieve a higher level of accomplishment. $9,600

Stagebridge (Oakland), to support the artist residencies at Glenview Elementary that will guide students through collecting, writing and sharing stories collected from elder relatives and create theatrical presentations from the resulting stories. Students be guided by trained senior storytellers and will perform stories for peers and families at the project conclusion. $2,445

StageWrite (San Francisco), to support the Building Literacy through Theatre program at Starr King Elementary and the Mission Dolores Academy, which teaches theatre in the classroom, engaging students in dynamic, interactive arts activities to advance their school success. The 12-week residencies will provide students with sequential theater instruction for the fall and spring semesters during the 2011-2012 academic year. $9,600

Streetside Stories (San Francisco), to support after-school residencies at Aptos Middle School, E.R. Taylor Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary and Guadalupe Elementary. The program will help foster learning and exploration in theater, visual, literary and media arts, and provide students with access to high quality arts programming for the 2011-2012 year. The program will offer arts workshops that develop artistic voice, build community and foster arts and literary skills. $9,600

Symphonic Jazz Orchestra (Culver City), to continue the in-school music programming at El Rincon Elementary, Linwood E. Howe Elementary, El Marino Elementary and Farragut Elementary. The year-long program will provide second grade students with an interactive journey through the history of jazz and classical music, as well as instruction on the role of the composer, music theory, composition, structure, vocabulary and performance. The program will culminate in a student performance at a school assembly. $9,000

The HeART Project (Los Angeles), to provide alternative high school students at Boyle Heights Technology Academy with a series of increasingly advanced multidisciplinary arts programs led by professional artists. The HeART Project will partner with Autry National Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to support these workshops. The program will culminate in a student exhibition at cultural institutions. $9,600

The Imagine Bus Project (San Francisco), to support teaching artists-in-residency at Sunnyside Elementary, Malcolm X Academy and Starr King Elementary. The after-school programs will provide first through fifth grade students with a visual arts curriculum that is aligned with California Visual and Performing Arts standards, and will involve both collaborative and individual art projects that utilize a range of visual arts media. $7,680

The Marsh (San Francisco), to support in-school artists-in-residency at George Moscone Elementary and James Lick Middle School for the 2011-2012 academic year. At George Moscone, the program will offer seventh and eighth grade students poetry and spoken-word theater classes led by a spoken-word/theater artist in 12-14 week sessions. At James Lick, the program will offer a 30-week dance class led by a professional dance teacher to K-3 students. All classes will successfully engage students and classroom teachers to create art in the classroom with the integration of math, language arts and social studies. $9,000

The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company (Los Angeles), to provide a 20-week after-school theatre residency at San Fernando High School. Students will learn playwriting and improvisation and work in a team to write their own script culminating in a public staged reading of their script by professional actors. Students will also focus on acting and staging techniques that will culminate in a fully produced performance for peers, family and the public. $9,000

Theatre of Hearts/Youth First (Los Angeles), to deliver after-school multidisciplinary arts workshops to City Honors High School, Hudnall Elementary, and La Vida West and Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall High School. Professional artist-mentors will conduct four long-term workshops conforming to California Visual and Performing Arts standards culminating with a work-in-progress presentation to display students work to friends, family and community. $9,600

TheatreWorkers Project (Pasadena), to create a in-school theatre program for students at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in which teaching artists will design and deliver activities that explore themes in Orwell's Animal Farm through theater activities, while working in collaboration with the ninth grade English teacher. The program will deepen students' understanding of the novel while giving them opportunities to utilize their artistic techniques. $2,450

Venice Arts: In Neighborhoods (Venice), to continue the partnership with Olympic Constitution High School to provide high quality, standards-based photography and film workshops for at-risk students. In the 12-week program, students will explore community stories through photography and film writing assignments. $8,160

Ventura County Arts Council (Ventura), to continue the Our Providence School arts curriculum that is a standards-aligned quality visual and performing arts instruction that augments the Providence School's remedial-focused curriculum. The in-school instruction is formatted into different sized models to permit students to earn credit, whenever possible, but also be of value and interest to short-stay students. $8,400

Visual Arts/Language Arts (San Francisco), to support in-school teaching artists working at Sankofa Academy and EnCompass Academy to create a multi-generational teaching and learning model in the classroom while focusing on bookmaking, dance, music, poetry and shadow-play theater. $8,400

VSA Arts of California (Sacramento), to support the 2011-2012 Very Special Arts Program in which community visual artists work with students to produce original works. Teaching artists will work with Leonardo da Vinci School to lead in-school arts workshops. $7,200

We Tell Stories (Los Angeles), to support in-school artist residencies at El Marino Language School, El Rincon Elementary, La Ballona Elementary, and Linwood E. Howe Elementary. The standards-based theatre/literacy workshop will teach students how to create characters, increase ensemble skills, gain confidence, and critique in a respectful and constructive manner. School assemblies and a teacher professional development session are also included. $9,600

Yolo County Arts Council (Woodland), to support the in-school residencies of professional ceramic artists at Clarksburg Middle and Delta High School, Beamer Park Elementary, Esparto K-8 School and YCOE Horizon Program. Teaching artists will lead K-12 students in art lessons aligned with California Visual and Performing Arts standards in artists' perception, creative expression, historical/cultural context and aesthetic valuing. $9,000

Young Audiences of Northern California (San Francisco), to support community-based artists working in long-term, in-school residencies at the Academy of Alameda, a California charter school. The Academy will work with the art organization to conceive and create a public art installation at the school. A second theater residency will work with students to create and perform a theater style performance that is inspired by the art installation. $8,400

Young Audiences of San Diego (San Diego), to support the in-school arts program at Ocean Beach Elementary School that encourages K-4 students at to think, see, speak and express themselves as artists through a comprehensive education in four art forms during the 2011-2012 academic year. Students will have the option to participate in dance, theater or visual arts lessons. $9,000

Youth in Arts (San Rafael), to provide a workshop at Laurel Dell Elementary and Short Elementary that will introduce students to traditional Zimbabwean folk dances, folklore and rhythms based on village tradition and ritual. Following a performance by a professional dance troupe, students will learn traditional dance, rhythms and stories in 14-week sessions, and then create a performance for peers and parents. $7,050

Z Space Studio (San Francisco), to support the in-depth residencies at Aptos Middle School and Marshall Elementary School that feature weekly classes with theatre artist/educators and guest artists, as well as ongoing professional development sessions with classroom teachers. The residency culminates in performances during school and in the evening for the community. $9,600

Recipients of the 2010-2011 Artist in Schools Planning Grants

California Traditional Music Society (Encino), to expand the in-school 3-session workshops into 12-week standards-based residencies with a unique focus on American Roots and World Music. The workshops will be offered at Wilshire Crest Elementary School, a Title 1 school in Central Los Angeles. CTMS supports, promotes and encourages the participation in and preservation of traditional music, dance and related folk arts of the diverse cultures of Southern California. It does this through festivals and other events, public education and services to artists. $2,500

Culture Shock Dance Troupe (San Pedro), to create a 12-week in-school dance residency at two school sites that will encourage creative expression and youth involvement in the arts. The program will culminate in a public student performance for peers, family and community. $2,500

Fremont Symphony Orchestra (Fremont), to bring artist residencies to fourth through sixth grade classrooms in the Fremont Unified School District. The 12-week standards-based curriculum will provide instruction in classical and symphonic music, and will feature musicians and teachers working with students in an interactive residency format. $2,500

Kitka (Oakland), to partner with the Polyphonia Girls Choir and Oakland School of the Arts to integrate Eastern European music into the curriculum and create an after-school choir. Artists will provide teachers with an overview of Eastern European music to identify aspects most exciting and pertinent to students' standards-based music education. $2,500

Live Arts Group (West Hollywood), to develop and implement a standards-aligned, in-school filmmaking program at Synergy Academy's high school that will promote creative expression and critical thinking skills while using music video production. Students will learn the craft and business of filmmaking while exploring other art forms. $2,500

Pan Afrakan Dance & Music Historical Education Association (Stockton), to work with and plan curriculum content with Taylor Elementary and Elmwood Elementary that will focus on implementing cultural history with folk arts and music in an after-school setting. $2,500

The mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the Arts and Creativity. Members of the California Arts Council include: Chair Malissa Feruzzi Shriver, Vice Chair William Turner, Wylie Aitken, Michael Alexander, Andrew Green, Adam Hubbard, Charmaine Jefferson, Terry Lenihan, and Susan Steinhauser.

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