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10K Facebook Race
Hit that "Like" button (just below!) and help the California Arts Council keep its edge 
over the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities!

Published: 10-20-2011


Like Us!Got loyalty for the state of California in your blood? Prove it! Help us in a friendly competition between state arts agencies. 

Craig Watson, Director of the California Arts Council, has thrown down the gauntlet to Bob Booker, Director of the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Or, gosh, maybe it was vice versa. Who can reach 10,000 Facebook "likes" first?  

Breath is being held; muscles are tense. Can you help the California Arts Council? Bragging rights and a not-so-serious piece of art for the winning Director's wall are at stake! Prove that the Golden State won't fall into the Grand Canyon!

Background: On California Arts Day (October 7, 2011), the California Arts Council director challenged the head of the Arizona Commission on the Arts to a race--who can get to 10,000 "likes" on Facebook first? Starting at roughly the same number, about 4500, each state is tracking their number of "likes" on an hour-by-hour basis. California started with a few hundred in the lead; at one point, Arizona pulled ahead; now California has regained  the lead. The D.C. Commission on the Art and Humanities joined the contest a few days later.

All three are neck-and-neck--so come join the race--get on Facebook & "like" your favorite state arts agency today!

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