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New ArtWorks! Story: Center for World Music
San Diego group works with students through Artists in Schools grant

Published: 10-06-2011

"It's fun to learn another culture's music because then you can 'speak with them' in a way." So wrote college student Elizabeth Keck of her experience studying Balinese gamelan as a child at the Museum School in San Diego. 

She and many more San Diego children have learned about world cultures through music and dance through the work of the Center for World Music, a grantee of the Arts Council's Artists in Schools Program. The Center's World Music in the Schools program enlists more than 20 artist-teachers to reach over 8,000 students per year. Their offerings include the traditional performing arts of India, Java, Bali, Iran, Mexico, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Senegal, and countries in Europe. Read more.

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