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Are you a "Crafty Californian?" Create an ornament for the National Christmas Tree!
U.S. Department of Forestry still collecting tree decorations from Californians for outdoor tree

Published: 09-15-2011

The U.S. Department of Forestry will be providing 2011's National Christmas Tree from California, and all Californians can participate by sending in a crafted ornament for the outdoor display.  Five thousand ornaments will be needed, and only a percentage of that goal has been collected so far--so get out your craft kits, give the kids a fun project, and help decorate our national tree for the holidays! Deadline is September 30.

This effort may sound familiar to those who follow the California Arts Council news pages, since we let the public know about two other contests (song and visual arts) associated with the National Christmas Tree project. The Song competition and the Visual Arts juried show competition have already closed their entries. But Californians can still participate through outdoor tree ornaments.

"We invite participation from all Californians," notes the Forestry Service website created for the project. "From individuals, artists, crafters, young and old alike, any and all are invited to create and send in an ornament. This is your opportunity to participate in the 2011 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Ornament Project." The tree will come from the Stanislaus National Forest located in the Central Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The ornaments needed are for the outdoor display, so the objects sent in need to be hearty enough to withstand some East Coast outdoor weather in the winter months. Additionally, the ornaments will not be returned, so please don't send in priceless artwork or expensive pieces. This project is ideal for classrooms, youth groups, adult crafting classes, fun family weekend projects (perhaps a pre-event activity for California Arts Day) and individuals who want to contribute to the California tree this year. 

"Ornaments should be designed to reflect our theme 'California Shines' by showing how the rich cultural and ecological diversity of this state make it shine," continues the Forestry Service website. "From the Pacific Ocean to the sparkling deserts, from the high mountain peaks to its forests, rivers and abundant Central Valley, the diversity of nature and the people who live here are what make the great state of California shine."

More information can be found on the 2011 National Christmas Tree website.

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