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Have You Struck Gold? Any "Opportunities" Pan Out?
We want to hear from you about our "Jobs in the Arts," "Artist Calls," and "Other Grants" pages!

Published: 08-18-2011

The most widely-viewed pages of the California Arts Council website are Jobs in the Arts, Artist Calls, (with the subset, "Public Art Calls") and Other Grants -- all found under the "Opportunities" tab. Our agency has hoped that this section would become your go-to link so you or your organization could make your next dollars-generating connection. 

Now it's your turn to tell us if, and how, it's worked for you. Have you gotten a job, found a grant, or received an artist's commission through our website? Which pages do you visit--and how often? Are they bookmarked as favorite pages? What would make them easier to use? Do you link to them through ArtBeat, our weekly e-newsletter? Or do you visit periodically? We want to know all this and more; your ideas may fold into our discussions for the new California Arts Council website--coming in the fall.

Dash off an email to, subject line "Opportunities," to tell us how you use the pages, what can be better, and most importantly what they've yielded for you and/or your organization. Share whatever's on your mind about these pages. Thanks in advance--we look forward to hearing from you!

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