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November 17, 2010Mary Beth Barber

California Poet Laureate Application Process Now Open

California Arts Council accepting recommendations for California's top poet

Sacramento -

The official nomination process and application for the role of California Poet Laureate is now open, and the application forms and information are available on the California Arts Council website. The submission deadline is February 1, 2011. Poets may self-nominate, or be nominated by experts in the field of literature.

The role of the California Poet Laureate is to spread the art of poetry from classrooms to boardrooms across the state, to inspire an emerging generation of literary artists and to educate all Californians about the many poets and authors who have influenced our great state through creative literary expression. Over the course of a two-year term, the Poet Laureate provides six public readings in urban and rural locations across the state, educates civic and state leaders about the value of poetry and creative expression, and undertakes a significant cultural project. One of the goals of the project must be to bring the poetic arts to Californianswho might otherwise have little opportunity to be exposed to poetry.

The position of Poet Laureate was established in 2001, and the California Arts Council is designated to recommend individuals to the Governor for the position. A review panel will be established to evaluate applications and make recommendations. The Governor utilizes the panel's evaluation provided by the California Arts Council and chooses the California Poet Laureate based on this information or other recommendations. The Governor has the option of reviewing all the nominations and other California poets as well. The Senate approves the appointment.

Members of the media may contact: Mary Beth Barber, Communications Director, California Arts Council, 916-322-6588 (office), 916-835-5580 (cell), or Nomination and application information: contact Kristin Margolis at 916-322-6555 or For more information on the California Arts Council and the California Poet Laureate, please go to .

The mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the Arts and Creativity. Members of the California Arts Council include: Chair Malissa Feruzzi Shriver, Vice Chair William Turner, Wylie Aitken, Michael Alexander, Andrew Green, Adam Hubbard, Charmaine Jefferson, Terry Lenihan, Karen Skelton, and Susan Steinhauser.

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