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October 02, 2014Caitlin Fitzwater

California Arts Council provides more than $1 million to 119 Arts Organizations for "Artists in Schools" Programming

Grants support K-12 arts education programs in schools throughout California

Sacramento -

  The California Arts Council announces funding for its 2014-15 Artists in Schools Program. Artists in Schools is the California Arts Council's largest core grant program, supporting professional teaching artists in classroom and after-school settings. The 2014-15 Artists in Schools Program will provide funding for 119 arts organizations to help bring instruction in music, theater, dance, visual arts, and other art forms to children statewide during the school year. The total amount awarded through the 2014-15 Artists in Schools program is $1,055,688.

"Arts education leads to higher graduation rates, increased creativity, and greater aspirations," said Craig Watson, Director of the California Arts Council. "Through our Artist in Schools program, the California Arts Council strives to improve K-12 education for thousands of our state's young people - many of whom might not have access to arts education without the high-quality teaching artist residencies made possible by these grants."

The organizations receive funding in two areas: teaching-artists' residency activity, and planning grants. One hundred and eighteen organizations will receive funding to bring professional teaching artists for in-school and after-school programs. These arts education experiences will provide a creative space and learning where K-12 students are able to find their own creativity and work together as innovative thinkers. The list of funded organizations and a description of their teaching artists' work is below.

Thingamajigs, a nonprofit arts education organization in Alameda County, will receive a small Artists in Schools Planning Grant, designed to assist the arts organization and school partner to plan a course of action for the future and develop strategies to integrate arts into the classroom.

Funding for this program comes in part from the sale of the Arts Plate, the iconic license plate with a sunset and palm tree motif designed by California artist Wayne Thiebaud. The Arts Plate generates approximately $3 million per year for arts programs benefiting children and communities throughout California. More information is available at

Arts organizations or school administrators interested in information about the Artists in Schools program, including details and application deadlines, may contact Program Officers Wayne Cook at 916-322-6344 and or Shelly Gilbride at 916-324-0075 and

2014-15 Artists in Schools Grantees (in alphabetical order)

About Productions

Los Angeles County

About Productions will work with 20 high risk youth in East L.A, mentored by professional writers. They will then create their own 1-act plays and produce 2 culminating performances at Plaza de la Raza's Margo Albert Theater. $9,769

Alameda County Arts Commission

Alameda County

Alameda County Arts Commission's Arts & Creativity program will support and empower youth to make positive changes in their lives, families and community through the arts. Arts & Creativity provides standards-based, after school visual arts education at the county's REACH Center on the Edendale Middle School campus. $10,080

Amador County Arts Council

Amador County

Amador Arts will coordinate with two local teaching artists to provide 12-week visual arts residencies integrated with a poetry unit at three schools in Amador County. Students will write poems about their artwork and create artwork for their poems. Selected artwork and poetry will be included in student portfolios as well as in a school anthology. $4,875

Armory Center for the Arts

Los Angeles County

The Armory Center for the Arts, in partnership with Milagro Charter School, will provide 12 weeks of sequential, standards-based visual arts instruction to grades K-5 through artist residencies. The year culminates with the highly attended Milagro Art Night featuring student artworks. $10,080

Arts and Learning Corporation

Orange County

The Arts and Learning Corporation's production planned for 2014-2015 will include Shakespeare, as his works are available in script form. Students will meet two hours one day a week, for 24 weeks, and fill all roles including props, set design, acting, music, lighting and more to make the curriculum come alive. $6,194

Arts & Services for Disabled

Los Angeles County

Arts & Services for Disabled will work with more than 60 students (with and without developmental disabilities) from two schools. Each school will receive 24 hours (12 weeks each school) of lessons with hands-on applications through the instruction of a professional mural artist. The final result will be two separate 6'- 8' tall large-scale murals to be hung at each school property. $2,074

Arts Consortium

Tulare County

The Arts Consortium will present a 12-week residency program with four artists to the entire 4th and 5th grade classrooms in three Cutler-Orosi district elementary schools. The project blends multiple visual art standards with social studies and science standards. The project culminates with a joint exhibition and presentation featuring all student work. $9.360

Arts Council of Mendocino County

Mendocino County

The Arts Council of Mendocino County (ACMC) will provide three professional writer/musician/performers in a multi-disciplinary approach to literature, spoken word & performance. The workshops will take place in four Mendocino county schools and augment the existing GASP (Get Arts in the Schools) programming that ACMC offers. $7,163

Arts Council for Monterey County

Monterey County

Arts Council for Monterey County will utilize teaching artists working with fourth through sixth grade students to create an original musical, and perform both at the school and at a community venue. "Follow the Water" is a high-quality multidisciplinary program that incorporates the science of the watershed and the theme of water flowing from mountains to agricultural lands to the sea. $9.360

Arts Council of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz County

The Arts Council of Santa Cruz will present Picture Writing: Fostering Literacy through Art, an art-and-literature-based approach to literacy learning that is facilitated within artists/writers workshops. Students create then "read" the pictures, which serves as a natural bridge between the visual image and the written word. $6,390

Arts for the Schools

Nevada County

Arts for the Schools will support visual arts education for 261 students at three schools, Truckee Elementary and two alternative high schools, Sierra Continuation High School and Placer County Community School for probationary youth. Artist in residence satisfies visual arts standards and assists at-risk youths to graduate. $8,520


San Francisco County

Artseed will provide a residency using professional artist-led, standards-based visual arts lessons for four schools in Pre-K to 5th grade. The residency will embrace universal concerns (such as social justice) or critical current events (i.e. climate change). Art by students and teachers will be exhibited with public receptions in diverse neighborhoods including Bayview Hunters Point and the Presidio. $10,080

Asian Improv aRts

San Francisco County

Asian Improv aRts' project will support residencies at three San Francisco public schools. The program teaches piano to 16 students at Alice Fong Yu School (after school), taiko and dance to 105 students at Clarendon Alternative School (in school), and taiko and dance to 35 students at Redding School (after school). $9,360

Bethune Theatredanse

Los Angeles County

Bethune Theatredanse will provide weekly dance classes taught by two professional and trained artists-instructors at two elementary schools. A projected total 70 students will enroll, of which 75% will be special needs children. Each artist residency will conclude with a performance at the school and a public performance at the local Very Special Arts Festival. $10,080

Boxtales Theatre Company

Santa Barbara County

Boxtales will provide a 12-week residency to 4th graders at two elementary schools during the grant period. Through this project, students will learn acting skills, become more self-aware and self-confident, improve their self-motivation, increase their teamwork ability, and be exposed to important pieces of world literature. $5,365

California Dance Institute

Los Angeles County

California Arts Council will sponsor one of CDI's participating schools for a full year of weekly programming. The program gives children an understanding of the fundamentals of movement, rhythm and music through structured, energetic dance classes with live musical accompaniment for 20-25 weeks. $10,080

California Institute of the Arts

Los Angeles County

California Institute of the Arts through the CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP) program, will provide a 30-week in-school visual art program for approximately 40 second and third grade students at Newhall Elementary School, located in a low income neighborhood. $10,080

California Poets in the Schools

San Francisco County

California Poets in the Schools will deliver long-term, in-depth poetry writing residencies at four public schools in Sonoma County. Poets will deliver a standards-based curriculum infused with magic and mystery, marrying theatre, music and visual arts with literary arts. $4,477

California Symphony Orchestra

Contra Costa County

The California Symphony Orchestra will offer a free instrumental after-school program Sound Minds at Downer Elementary School in San Pablo. Based on the Venezuelan El Sistema method, the program will provide 180 students with 8 hours of after-school musical instruction per week. $8,520

Cantare Con Vivo

Alameda County

Cantare Con Vivo's Children's Choirs of Oakland will conduct 12 to 32 week residencies at four public schools in Oakland. Students will receive 12 to 32 weeks of music instruction. Cantare will also provide bilingual instruction on the music of Latin America and Asia as well as the cultural traditions of African Americans and Native Americans. $10,080

Center for World Music
San Diego County

The project will permit four highly skilled native (and native-trained) artist-teachers to conduct year-round in-depth residencies of traditional music and dance from Indonesia, South Africa, India, and Spain, in four selected K-8 San Diego public schools. $10,080

Central California Art League

Stanislaus County

The Central California Art League will work with students in grades K through 6th grade to acquire an overall understanding of the elements of visual art and their applications. Through examples, directed activities and reflection, students will learn the vocabulary and applications of the elements using a variety of media including pencil, charcoal, paint, pastel, clay, and collage. $5,502

Central Sierra Arts Council

Tuolumne County

Tuolumne County Arts Alliance will present residencies in music and visual Art. Workshops will be held in tile mosaic, painted murals, and Orff Schulwerk for pre-K through 4th grade in three elementary schools and one high school. $8,520

Chinese Cultural Productions

San Francisco County

Chinese Cultural Productions will support their after-school arts education programs at three San Francisco elementary schools. CCP instructors will provide four hours of weekly classes in traditional Chinese dance to approximately 140 students for 30 weeks. Each school's program will culminate in one on-site performance and one public performance in a San Francisco arts venue. $9,360

City Ballet

San Diego County

City Ballet will offer a 28-week "Discover a Dancer" artist-in-residence program for all second grade students (approximately 180) at Porter Elementary, a Title I school, in one of San Diego's most underserved neighborhoods. The course culminates with the students performing in school assemblies for their peers and families. $9,360

City of San Fernando

Los Angeles County

City of San Fernando's Mariachi Master Apprentice Program connects music masters with underserved youth in an afterschool instructional experience that preserves mariachi music traditions through a quality apprenticeship program incorporating artistic and historical accuracy. The program targets beginner/advanced instrument instruction, arrangement, and performance skills for 35 youth for 32 weeks. $11,400

Community School of Music and Arts

Santa Clara County

Community School of Music and Arts will focus its comprehensive Art4Schools program at three schools in Mountain View emphasizing four major areas: creative expression, appreciation of the cultural and historical foundation of art, understanding of the language of art, and, development of technical skills. $9,360

Community Works West

Alameda County

Community Works will enhance theater arts education in the San Francisco Unified School District through a 32-week artist residency at Balboa High School. The resident artists will provide a standards-based, integrated theater arts curriculum, within which they will form a theater group comprised of participants in ROOTS, an elective class for students who have incarcerated parents. $10,680

Composing Together

Alameda County

Composing Together will build on its collaborative music composition program at Edna Brewer MS, Oakland, this time with 70 string music students. Students attend a concert by a professional new music ensemble, collaborate in teams with two composers for 12 sessions, work with the ensemble in reading and rehearsals, and prepare a public performance side-by-side with the ensemble. $2,571

Crowden Music Center

Alameda County

Crowden Music Center will continue to bring, for the ninth year, a comprehensive, sequential music education program to 280 Berkeley public school children in grades K-2, who otherwise would not have music as part of their school curriculum at Washington Elementary School. $8,520


San Francisco County

CubaCaribe is proud to partner with St. Paul's Episcopal School in Oakland in bringing a comprehensive dance curriculum to students K-5 in an after school program. CubaCaribe fosters greater understanding and appreciation of Caribbean arts through its dance education programming. $5,680

Destiny Arts Center

Alameda County

Destiny Arts Center's (DAC) Artists-In-Schools will present culturally relevant dance programming to two underserved elementary schools in West Oakland. In response to their need for standards-aligned movement arts programming and violence prevention training, DAC will bring their unique violence prevention curriculum to the schools. $10,026

Diablo Ballet

Contra Costa County

The Performing Arts Education & Enrichment for Kids (PEEK) Program is based on Visual & Performing Arts Standards, and targets diverse, underserved youth, who participate in the free lunch program. PEEK's Adopt-a-Class brings movement curriculum to 2nd and 3rd-graders at two Title I schools, in 12 annual classroom visits. $10,080

Diavolo Dance Theater

Los Angeles County

Diavolo Dance Theater will develop long-term residencies in three schools that will culminate in custom-choreographed student performances on Diavolo's unique architectural set pieces. $10,080

Dimensions Dance Theater

Alameda County

Dimensions Dance Theater will continue providing dance classes for children and youth through their award-winning in-school residency program, Rites of Passage, in three Oakland public schools - Oakland Technical High, Oakland High School, and Carl B. Munck. $10,080

Eagle Rock Community Cultural Association

Los Angeles County

Eagle Rock Community Cultural Association will present professional artists in Title I schools throughout Northeast LA. Innovative and free classes in subjects ranging from weaving, to plein air painting, to comic book making, print, and sculpture, will reach these Title 1 students each year. $9,360

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

Contra Costa County

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts will present a 32-week residency for up to 180 students, which includes 10 weeks each of intensive training in African music & dance, Mexican music & dance, and hip hop dance. The final 2 weeks bring together all students from all art forms to rehearse for a combined performance for family and friends. $9,360


Los Angeles

ETM-LA will assist local district/schools to fill the gaps to create sequential, comprehensive music instruction. Students at Castelar, El Dorado, and Foster Elementary will receive free music classes taught by professional teaching artists, and perform throughout the year. $10,080

Everyday Magic

San Francisco County

Everyday Magic will involve 395 second to fifth grade Lakeshore Elementary School students in inter-disciplinary literary arts workshops combining poetry writing, drama, oral recitation, mask-making, book-designing, and puppetry. $4,368

Fantasia Family Music

Los Angeles County

Fantasia Family Music will provide an original custom-designed performing arts program for 6 grade levels. These musicals incorporate vocals, dance and drama into a one hour production accompanied by a live band to perform for parents and students. $8,520

Forestville Education Foundation

Sonoma County

The Forestville Education Foundation will provide hands-on art experiences for 160+ students. The students are exposed to art history, cultural arts, and art vocabulary while they create with a variety of tools, mediums and art concepts. $8,704

Gabriella Axelrad Education Foundation

Los Angeles County

The Gabriella Foundation through its program, everybody dance!, provides dance classes. $10,080

Ginga Arts

Los Angeles County

Ginga Arts will support a 9-month Capoeira residency with Afro-Brazilian Capoeira master, Mestre Batata, at the Accelerated Charter Elementary School (ACES) in South Los Angeles. The program features 6 hours of weekly instruction in Capoeira, combining dance, music, and singing for all 275 students (grades K through 6) at ACES. $10,080

Greenway Arts Alliance

Los Angeles County

Greenway Arts Alliance and its Shakespeare in the Classroom will utilize teaching artists to work with Fairfax High School English classes to analyze and deepen their understanding of Shakespeare through the integration of introductory theatre instruction aligned to California's Visual and Performing Arts and English content standards. $9,360

Harmony Project

Los Angeles County

Harmony Project will provide six professional mentors to inspire students to expand their minds and develop their creativity after school and on Saturdays. Students are provided instruments, weekly lessons, performance opportunities, juries, field trips, and a variety of supporting services. $8,520

Hernandez Mariachi Heritage Society

Los Angeles County

Hernandez Mariachi Heritage Society will use two professional instructors to work with at least 60 students at Magnolia Elementary in Los Angeles. Teachers are Mariachi musicians and students learn instrument basics, ergonomics, note reading, voice, ensemble skills, instrument mastery, and performance. Students perform at school and in concert with Mariachi musicians.  $10,080

Higher Gliffs

Alameda County

Higher Gliffs will work with master aerosol writing practitioner Desi Mundo in a year-long workshop. The class will begin with traditional and aerosol calligraphy. The class culminates in a series of public murals around the school and in the surrounding community. $10,080

Humboldt Arts Council

Humboldt County

The Humboldt Arts Council will place trained, experienced poetry teachers in Humboldt County schools to work with students from grades K to 12 in hands-on, sequential training in poetry writing, reading, recitation, and publishing. $9,360

I Can Do That!

Sacramento County

I CAN DO THAT! will bring the visual arts to 200 students at 4 elementary schools in Sacramento through its Artists-in-Education program. Four integrated groups of special education and general education students will each work with one professional artist and two teachers for an entire semester to learn visual arts skills and techniques. $10,080

Ink People

Humboldt County

The Ink People will spend 32 weeks at Blue Lake and Trinidad Elementary Schools, teaching about community music of the world. Students will focus on identifying the regions of origin for the rhythms being learned, learning appropriate rhythmic vocabulary for these, and developing the articulation of rhythms both in writing and audio. $8,520

Kaisahan of San Jose Dance Company

Santa Clara County

Kaisahan of San Jose will present twenty weeks of Philippines folk dance classes that meet weekly, taught by Kaisahan's artistic director and choreographer Helen Pastor-Moreno. She will teach 10 classes at two different locations. $10,080

Kala Institute

Alameda County

Kala will conduct four visual arts residencies at the Arts and Humanities Academy at Berkeley High School. The program offers students an in-depth relationship with professional artists who model careers in the arts. The program is designed to integrate classroom curricula with Studio Habits of Mind frameworks and the new Common Core. $10,680

Kings and Clowns

Los Angeles County

Kings and Clowns will partner with Immaculate Conception School, Los Angeles, for an in-school residency to instruct fourth and fifth graders in violin. Kings and Clowns will provide instruments for students to use in school and at home to develop effective practice habits and optimize the students' learning experience.  $9,360

L.A.C.E.R. After School Program

Los Angeles County

L.A.C.E.R.'s Rock Band Project will provide standards-based instrumental and vocal instruction for the low-income, predominantly Latino youth at LeConte Middle School, a Title 1 LAUSD school. Working with professional artists/instructors, the Rock Band boys and girls learn to play the basic instruments of a band: bass, guitar, drums and keyboards. $10,080

Leap...imagination in learning

San Francisco County

Leap...imagination in learning will customize a program in which a Leap artist goes into the classroom to teach creative projects in theater, music, dance, visual arts, architecture and/or creative writing. This project will include two residencies in the visual arts. At the end of each residency, a showcase will present the students' work to parents, fellow students and teachers. $10,680

Lineage Dance Company

Los Angeles County

Lineage Dance Company will provide three 12-week residencies for grades 6-8 at Eliot Middle School. Residencies will launch with a school-wide performance of "Childhood Stories Unleashed," classic childhood stories incorporating modern day themes. Using modern dance, students will gain knowledge of dance elements, improve dance vocabulary and create and analyze choreography. $5,040

Living Jazz

Alameda County

Living Jazz will support the Oakland Children's Community Choir's (OCCC) music education program with an integrated approach to VAPA standards. Through a sequential progression of exercises, OCCC focuses on the fundamentals of ear, voice, and rhythm training, blend, tone, enunciation and harmony for large group ensemble singing. $7,056

Los Angeles Master Chorale Association

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles Master Chorale will provide 100+ high school students with 20 weeks of music and songwriting instruction through an in-school artist-in-residency program. Three professional artists-a singer, a composer and a lyricist-will work intensively with two choir classes at Cortines High School to write lyrics and compose music for an original oratorio based on a curriculum-related topic or work of art. $10,680

Los Angeles Opera Company

Los Angeles County

LA Opera will partner with Dexter Middle School and the 6-8 Choral program in a 22 week residency, Voices for Tolerance, which integrates music and issues of diversity and tolerance through opera production and choral music. In the fall, students will develop their music skills and in the winter/spring perform a specially commissioned opera, based on the Orpheus myth. $7,800

Lucky Penny Productions

Napa County

Lucky Penny Production will use puppetry and drama in an integrated art curriculum based on Leonard Bernstein's Artful Learning system. Classroom hands-on instruction in puppet creation, masks, props, script writing, movement, acting, improv, drama, music, & live performance will be led by professional puppeteers Michael and Valerie Nelson. $9,360

Lula Washington Dance Theatre

Los Angeles County

The Lula Washington Dance Theatre will support Tamica Washington-Miller to provide two 16 week dance programs at Dorsey and Crenshaw High Schools. Students will train to develop basic skill in ballet, modern and jazz, as well as cultural enrichment and life skills through hip-hop, African and Stepping. $8,520

Luna Dance Institute

Alameda County

Luna Dance Institute will build authentic partnerships between artists, teachers, and schools to implement comprehensive scope and sequence K-8 standards-based dance education programs at three public schools. Dance is brought to each school through a professional development model which includes dance classes, side-by-side coaching, in-services, and family dance events. $11,400

Lux Art Institute

San Diego County

Lux Art Institute and Laurel Elementary School will support a 14-week visual arts program to 295 students in grades 3-6. The program will be based on seven original works of art from Lux Art Institute's Valise Project, as well as related standards-based lessons in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and mixed media. $7,625

Malashock Dance

San Diego County

Malashock will expand its Math in Motion in-school dance residency that uses mathematical concepts as tools to create and explore dance. The program includes rotations of twelve weekly classes that integrate Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with California Visual and Performing Arts dance standards. $10,080

Marin Shakespeare Company

Marin County

Marin Shakespeare Company will provide sequential, standards-based performing arts instruction for students grades K-5 at Lynwood Elementary School in Novato and Laurel Dell and Short School in San Rafael. Laurel Dell and Short School are two separate schools that share a single principal. $9,360

Marin Theatre Company

Marin County

Marin Theatre Company (MTC) will provide 475 students with instruction from professional theatre artists using the VAPA Theatre Content Standards. We will send a teaching artist into 16 middle school classrooms 1-2 times per week a semester to enliven and deepen English and social studies. $8,520

Media Arts Center San Diego

San Diego County

Media Arts Center San Diego will support Media Arts Residency in-school partnerships with High Tech High, Chula Vista, Crawford High School and City Heights, to develop the artistic abilities and creativity of students during a 30-week course. Teachers will select 20 students from each site who show artistic merit and want to cultivate their skills in creating digital media arts. $10,488

Melody of China

San Francisco County

Melody of China will conduct free after-school music class where kids learn how to play a Chinese traditional instrument. The class will take place at Sunset Elementary School in San Francisco. Students will learn how to play Chinese and American folk songs on their instrument both individually and as a group. The program will culminate in a performance for friends and family. $10,680

Moving Beyond

San Francisco County

MOVING BEYOND productions will provide a dance artist to Moscone Elementary School for grades K-3 for a 13 week residency. Students will learn multicultural dances in an historical and cultural context and create their own work, leading to an appreciation for the many diverse forms of dance from around the world. $3,276

Muckenthaler Cultural Center

Orange County

The Muckenthaler will continue to expand their successful programs with Project Hope School for homeless children and Imperial Middle School, a Title I School transitioning into an arts magnet school. The Muck will bring drawing/painting, ceramics and book making artists weekly to work with approximately 280 students for a total of 9 hours a week in school. $6,816

New Village Arts

San Diego County

New Village Arts mission of the SHAKESPEARE NETWORK is to bring the majesty thrill and talent of William Shakespeare to North County San Diego's high school students with a two part project that combines a three-week intensive workshop with a six-week fully staged, professionally directed production utilizing students as actors and crew. $5,620

Oakland Youth Chorus

Alameda County

Oakland Youth Chorus will continue to support its after-school choral music education classes that complement the school-day curriculum. Three elementary and two middle school chorus classes will be taught by accomplished performing musicians and teachers. $10,680

Ojai Music Festival

Ventura County

The Ojai Music Festival will continue to support its Education Through Music (ETM) program. In partnership with the Ojai Unified School District (OUSD), the Festival impacts the lives of every district student with ETM, a free program that uses existing community arts resources to address an absence of music education in OUSD. $5,226

Youth Art Exchange/The Tides Center

San Francisco County

Youth Art Exchange continues to support free after-school Architecture & Public Art classes for San Francisco public high school youth. These classes will provide 30 youth (80% qualify for free/reduced lunch) with access to disciplines rarely integrated into school curriculum and vastly under-represented by people of color. $10,080

P.S. Arts

Los Angeles County

P.S. ARTS Master Teaching Artist Leah Padow provides free, standards-based visual arts classes to K-5 students at Playa del Rey Elementary and Grand View Elementary. Each student receives 30 thematically linked skill-building lessons as seen through the lens of a range of artists. $11,400

Pacific Symphony

Orange County

Pacific Symphony's Santa Ana Strings (SAS) is an established, on-going after-school violin instruction program serving under-privileged children in Orange County. The free program is designed to encourage students, deepen their school-day music instruction, and inspire their continued participation in school arts programs. $10,680

Palo Alto Art Center Foundation

Santa Clara County

Palo Alto Art Center Foundation will support artists to work with K-5 classes from Palo Alto Unified and Ravenswood City School District with standards-based sequential learning in the visual arts and to complete collaborative art projects. An exhibition of all student work concludes the program. $9,360

Pasadena Conservatory of Music

Los Angeles County

Pasadena Conservatory of Music (PCM) will support the continuation and expansion of its outreach program, Young Musicians (YM) at Jefferson Elementary. Since 2002, PCM has brought its sequential YM curriculum to Jefferson Elementary, a Title I (at-risk) school in Pasadena. $10,680

Peralta Parent Teacher Group

Alameda County

Peralta Parent Teacher Group will place textile artist Ellen Oppenheimer at Peralta School to work with K-5 students focusing on textiles from around the world, especially quilting arts. In weekly hands-on workshops, students will explore textile traditions from a wide range of cultures and traditions. $10,080

Performing Arts Workshop

San Francisco County

Performing Arts Workshop teaching artists will conduct a total of 10 in-school artist residencies in dance at two partner K-5 schools in San Francisco USD. Each residency will consist of a series of sequential, standards-aligned one-hour classes taught by the Workshop's core salaried artists. $10,080

Playhouse Arts

Humboldt County

Playhouse Arts over-arching youth program, Excite and Ignite, is designed to empower youth to produce, promote and play in the arts in order to build better community engagement and cross-generational communication. The Playhouse Arts programs are not driven by performance, but by learning skills and the experimentation of those skills to find a theatrical voice, which can then be used elsewhere in their studies. $9,360

Playwrights Project

San Diego County

Playwrights Project will provide the SEEDS program (Stimulating Educational Excellence through Drama Standards) at San Ysidro Middle School, infusing drama into the 7thgrade history curriculum; and at the Preuss School UCSD and Hoover High Schools, developing one act plays with 9th-12th grade drama students.  $10,080

Plumas Arts

Plumas County

Plumas Arts continues its 28-year partnership with the county's single small school district to provide programs to four elementary schools in our low-income rural, isolated county. VAPA standard-trained, local artists present programs and techniques for educators to incorporate the arts into their everyday curriculum. $8,520

Prescott Circus Theatre

Alameda County

The Prescott Circus Theatre will support after-school artists' residencies at PLACE@Prescott and Lafayette Elementary Schools in West Oakland. Students, grades 3rd-5th, receive intensive training to learn performance skills, develop original routines, make historical & cultural connections, and learn to critique themselves & others as performers. $10,680

Prophet World Beat Productions

San Diego County

Prophet World Beat Productions will provide participating students with an opportunity to experientially "walk with an artist" on a journey of cultural exploration and creative expression. Through African music and dance in an after-school program setting, students will enjoy instruction in three culturally defined artistic disciplines: drums, percussion, and cultural dance.  $8,520

Public Corporation for the Arts

Los Angeles County

The Public Corporation for the Arts will support Eye on Design, an in-depth public art education program in which 3rd-grade students work with artists-in-residence to learn about art, architecture and design through a sequence of classes, field trips, and other learning activities that transform the community into a classroom. $9,360

Purple Silk Music Education Foundation

Alameda County

Purple Silk Music Education Foundation (PSMEF) will continue to support its longstanding school residency program in Chinese music at Lincoln Elementary School in Oakland's Chinatown neighborhood. Over the course of the 2014-2015 school year PSMEF will provide 34 weeks of ongoing, in-depth, and sequential instruction in traditional Chinese instruments and song to 350 students (grades 3-5). $10,080

Redwood Heights Parent Fund Association

Alameda County

Redwood Heights Parent Fund will support the Studio Art Program, which is a 32 week, arts-integrated curriculum for 368 (K-5th) students in general and special education. Projects encourage critical and flexible thinking, visual and verbal artistic literacy, exploration of a wide variety of media and techniques, and making cross-curricular connections. $10,080

Sacramento Theatre Company

Sacramento County

The Sacramento Theatre Company will provide resident artists who will teach acting and stagecraft to middle school students at Albert Einstein Middle School in Sacramento through an after-school program. The faculty requested a production of A Christmas Carol for the incoming 7th graders and a Shakespeare play (still to be determined) for the 8th graders. $9,360

San Benito Arts Council

San Benito County

The San Benito Arts Council will immerse 7th grade history students in the re-telling of the Conquest of Mexico through music, theater and the visual arts with artists from El Teatro Campesino, an internationally renowned theater group and local artistic pillar. $8,082

San Diego Civic Youth Ballet

San Diego County

San Diego Civic Youth Ballet will introduce students to the art form of ballet in a way that will have an enduring impact on their lives. Over the course of the program, the students will discover the history, French vocabulary, and movement of ballet. The students will be taught locomotive skills, the basics of choreography, mime, musicality, and performance skills.  $7,800

San Diego Guild of Puppetry

San Diego County

The San Diego Guild of Puppetry will continue to develop curriculum in conjunction with teachers at three schools with puppetry activities, honing existing and/or develop new residency programs to best meet changing student and/or site needs. $ 10,080

San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory

San Diego County

San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory will continue to provide after-school instrumental music instruction for those students who desire an enhanced music experience. They will meet twice a week in an ensemble setting and will be taught primarily by teaching artist/conductor Mario Miragliotti. They will learn classical and folk repertoire, and perform in concert and at community events. $9,500

San Francisco Arts Commission

San Francisco County

San Francisco Arts Commission, through WritersCorps, will hire seven experienced teaching artists - published poets, fiction writers and performers - to work long-term and in-depth in communities to teach creative writing, build relationships with young people, and serve as positive role models. $10,680

San Francisco Arts Education Project

San Francisco County

San Francisco Arts Education Project will provide support for four professional artists that excel in the disciplines of dance and music to provide 376 hours of participatory arts instruction for 14-20 weeks to 164 children, grades 2-4, at a low-achieving SF Unified School District school during the 2014-15 school year. $9,643

San Francisco Girls Chorus

San Francisco County

The San Francisco Girls Chorus will offer its program, Creating Choral Music, at Lafayette Elementary School in San Francisco and at Jefferson Elementary School in Berkeley. Faculty members will collaborate with public school teachers to work with 80 3rd graders at Lafayette and 60 2nd graders at Jefferson, during school hours and at no cost. $6,254

San Francisco Jazz Organization

San Francisco County

San Francisco Jazz Organization will take professional jazz musicians into public schools to work directly with band students. Classes will be held at two San Francisco high schools and one middle school. $10,080

Santa Barbara Dance Institute

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara Dance Institute will place a teaching artist in a school to teach 32 weekly classes, placing the arts in equal standing with other academic subjects. Their program culminates in the annual "Event-of-the-Year" performance where students gather together to perform on a professional stage before hundreds of friends, family and community members. $9,360

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Santa Barbara County

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art will place a professional visual artist into two 5th-grade classrooms at El Camino Elementary School in Santa Barbara. The artist will be covering the art study of French Impressionism, various styles and periods in American art and the use of "found objects" to create original works of art. $7,488

Santa Clarita Community College District

Los Angeles County

The Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons will partner with the Castaic and Sulphur Springs School Districts to provide 12 weeks of dance instruction to 170 4th and 5th grade students at Castaic Elementary School and Mitchell Community School. Visiting artist Lula Washington will meet with students twice a week to discuss and practice dance as a creative process. $9,360

ShadowLight Productions

San Francisco County

ShadowLight's teaching artists, Leonidas Kassapides and Christine Marie, will continue their multi-week shadow theatre residencies at four schools, all of which will culminate in original shadow theatre projects created and performed/exhibited for assemblies and the general public. $10,680

Shakespeare Center L.A.

Los Angeles County

The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles will conduct its Will Power to Schools program in a partnership with The East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy. Artists will work with students in the Theatre Production Class, supporting their work in performance and design. $8,520

Shakespeare- San Francisco

San Francisco County

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival will partner with Mission Preparatory School to bring two professional theatre artists into residency at the school to teach performing arts education to K-3rd students. $8,520

Sierra County Arts Council

Sierra County

In cooperation with local artists, school administrators, and teachers, the Sierra County Arts Council Artists in Schools Program provides arts education to enrich curriculum for students of Sierra County. The program is designed to answer specific needs at each site in accordance with the VAPA standards. $4,260

Southland Opera

Los Angeles County

Southland Opera will deliver a 14 session sequential music composition / theatre performance residency to four classrooms (three general educations and one special day) on each of three elementary school campuses. The twelve classrooms will participate in weekly 50 minute music composition, theatre, and performance workshops that will culminate in a public performance for parents, peers and community.  $10,680


Alameda County

Stagebridge will place teaching artists in classes at four East Bay elementary schools for 24-week residencies of the Storybridge Speaking & Listening program, where they will be assisted by trained senior storytellers from the Stagebridge company. $9,141


San Francisco County

StageWrite's Building Literacy through Theatre program will engage students in dynamic, interactive language arts activities to advance their school success. Funds will help underwrite 12-week residencies in fall & spring semesters at two elementary schools and will serve 620 students. $10,680

Streetside Stories

San Francisco County

Streetside Stories will provide standards-based language arts enrichment workshops that integrate skill-building media arts content. Through the workshops, students gain 21st century skills with curricula that meet multiple VAPA standards. $10,080

Symphonic Jazz Orchestra

Los Angeles County

The Symphonic Jazz Orchestra will support its "Bach to Bebop" year-long music residency in four Culver City elementary schools. $7,832

The Heart Project

Los Angeles County

The Heart Project will provide alternative high school students at high risk of dropping out with a pathway to college. At entry Level 1, students enjoy a yearlong series of multidisciplinary workshops led by professional artists culminating in public presentations at partnering cultural institutions. $10,080

The Imagine Bus Project

San Francisco County

The Imagine Bus Project's will deliver one Teaching Artist to two San Francisco Unified School District's after-school programs, providing standards-based visual arts curricula to approximately 80 1st-5th grade students over a period of 32 weeks. $4,134

The Marsh

San Francisco County

The Marsh will provide a spoken word literary artist to create poetry and spoken word theater with 7th and 8th graders for 18 weeks at James Lick Middle School. $5,409

TheatreWorkers Project

Los Angeles County

TheatreWorkers Project (TWP) will deliver an expanded integrated curriculum program that will deepen students' understanding of academics using theatre activities planned in collaboration with English and world history teachers. Students will focus on the Holocaust. $11,400

Venice Arts

Los Angeles County

Venice Arts will continue to partner with Olympic Continuation High School (OHS), a Title I "school of last resort" in Santa Monica, to provide two standards-based, 12-week intensive documentary workshops in photography and film. The students, who are considered to be at-risk, will explore community stories through photography, writing assignments, lab workshops (both traditional darkroom and digital) and journaling.  $5,670

Yolo County Arts Council

Yolo County

The Yolo County Arts Council will focus on students in grades K-6 at two elementary schools in the visual arts taught by a professional artist-in-residence using an agricultural theme. The knowledge and skills learned about the creative process will be applied in the creation of original ceramic art works. $10,080

Young Audiences of Northern California

San Francisco County

Young Audiences of Northern California will partner with two professional artists--visual artist Marius Starkey and musician Kat Parra--to implement a cohesive, two-discipline residency with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Longfellow Elementary School in San Francisco. $9,360

Young Audiences of San Diego

San Diego County

Young Audiences of San Diego will involve over 330 students at Ocean Beach Elementary to become excited learners who can think, see, speak, and express themselves through art. Each child (K-4) participates in 21 classes of dance, theater, or visual arts. $10,680

Youth in Arts

Marin County

Youth in Arts will teach music, dance and storytelling across six grades at Laurel Dell and Short Schools, with a unifying theme of the unique cultural traditions of Haiti.$10,080

Z Space

San Francisco County

Z Space will support in-depth residencies at two public schools. This residency model features weekly class sessions with teaching artists and guest designers as well as ongoing professional development with classroom teachers, and culminates with performances during school and in the evening for the school community. $9,360


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The Mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the arts and creativity. Members of the California Arts Council include: Chair Wylie Aitken, Vice Chair Susan Steinhauser, Michael Alexander, Christopher Coppola, Donn K. Harris, Charmaine Jefferson, William Turner, and Rosalind Wyman. Learn more at  

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