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September 19, 2012Mary Beth Barber

The California Arts Council provides over $1 million to 139 Arts Organizations for "Artists in Schools"

Grants support K-12 arts education programs in schools throughout California

Sacramento -
The California Arts Council announces funding for its 2012-13 Artists in Schools Program. Artists in Schools is the California Arts Council's largest program, supporting professional teaching artists in classroom and after-school settings. The 2012-13 Artists in Schools Program will provide funding for 139 arts organizations to help bring music, theater, dance, visual arts, and other arts to children statewide during the 2012-13 school year. The total amount awarded through the 2012-13 Artists in Schools program is $1,076,666.

"Arts education is fundamental in the development of a student's creativity, imagination and teamwork skills," said Craig Watson, Director of the California Arts Council. "By bringing teaching artists into the classroom and to after-school settings, the California Arts Council's Artists in Schools program strives to improve K-12 education for thousands of our state's children - many who might not have access to arts education without Artists in Schools."

The organizations receive funding in two areas: teaching-artists' residency activity, and planning grants. One hundred and thirty-two organizations will receive funding to bring professional teaching artists for in-school teaching and after-school programs. These residencies focus primarily on music, theatre, dance, and the visual arts as a way of providing a creative space and learning where K-12 students are able to work together as innovative thinkers.

Seven organizations will receive planning grants, which are designed to assist the arts organization and school partner to plan a course of action and strategies to integrate arts into the classroom and community. The list of funded organizations and a description of their teaching artists' work is below.

Funding for this program comes in part from the sale of the Arts Plate, the iconic license plate with a sunset and palm tree motif designed by California artist Wayne Thiebaud. If one million drivers put Arts Plates on their vehicles, California would have $40 million for the arts and arts education annually. (More information is available at

Members of the press interested in learning more about the Artists in Schools program or the Arts Plate may contact Mary Beth Barber, Information Officer, at 916-322-6588 or Arts organizations or school administrators interested in information about the Artists in Schools program, including details and application deadlines, may contact Wayne Cook, Arts Education Administrator and Coordinator, at 916-322-6344 or

Recipients of the 2012-2013 Artists in Schools Program Grants

24th Street Theatre (Los Angeles) will conduct a residency for students at Norwood Elementary School (Title I), where they will learn the basics of story-telling, theatre elements, team building, theatre vocabulary, and how to construct and tell their own stories. $5,817

About Productions (Pasadena) will help students build literacy at Monterey Continuation High School through the "Through the Ages" residency. Students will interview Latino visual artists and teaching artists help students turn them into a series of one-act plays. $7,363

Alameda County Arts Commission (Oakland) will support "Creative Power", an arts education program that empowers and educates youths at the county's Juvenile Justice Center. Three teaching artists mentor youths (ages 13-18) to learn different media and improve their life-skills through art. $9,840

Alvarado PTA (San Francisco) will support the artist in residency at Alvarado Elementary School as part of a multidisciplinary arts program. All students at the school participate in hands-on visual art projects, and an emphasis is placed on different artistic traditions and modes, understanding art in historical and cultural contexts, and arts' connection to other subjects, especially the natural sciences. $8,200

Angels Gate Cultural Center (San Pedro) will provide students with art instruction at the Port of Los Angeles High School. Administrators, specialists, and teachers work to provide students with a sustained and in-depth experience of the arts. $7,800

Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena) will provide 12 weeks of art instruction to economically disadvantaged students at Milagro Charter School (Title I). An art curriculum is integrated with social studies and language arts and the program ends the student art exhibition, Milagro Art Night. $7,800

Arts & Learning (Garden Grove) will help students at TeWinkle Middle School design and perform a retelling of Romeo and Juliet in the style of Dr. Seuss. Students will be actively involved in all aspects of the production. $4,355

Arts & Services for Disabled Inc. (Long Beach) will provide artist residencies to economically disadvantaged students with and without disabilities at the Holy Name of Jesus Elementary School. Students will create a mural that will become a permanent piece of art at the school. $1,859

Arts Council for Monterey County (Carmel) will support the "Mi Planeta/My Planet" project which provides art education to low income, primarily Spanish speaking, students. The program will focus on endangered species and allow students to create a unique community dialogue. $6,600

Arts Council Napa Valley (Napa) will support professional puppeteers Michael and Valerie Nelson of Magical Moonshine Theatre in leading hands-on workshops in various aspects of puppet theatre at Salvador Elementary. $7,800

ArtSeed (San Francisco) will provide visual art lessons led by professional artists to Sherman Elementary and Leola M. Harvard Elementary. The program allows students to explore how their everyday lives relate to serious themes. Art by students and teachers will be exhibited at venues in diverse neighborhoods. $9,840

Asian Improv Arts (San Francisco) will support music residencies at three San Francisco public schools. Led by Jon Jang and Melody Takata, the program will teach piano, taiko and dance to children during school and after school. $9,840

Attitudinal Healing Connection (Oakland) will support two school residencies at Frick Middle School and West Oakland Middle School for visual arts and drumming instruction. Students will train and prepare a public presentation of the artwork and skills they developed. $3,492

Berkeley Symphony (Berkeley) will give students the opportunity to actively participate in making music consistent with state and local arts education standards in the "Music in the Schools" program. $7,800

Bethune Theatredanse (Los Angeles) will offer three dance classes at Roosevelt Elementary in the Pasadena School District and Baden-Powell Elementary in the Anaheim-Magnolia School District. Classes will be taught by two dance artists to children with and without special needs. $9,840

Boxtales Theatre Company (Santa Barbara) will provide an intergenerational residency program to students in two schools. Students will interview elder family members and will meet with artists to transform the interviews into theatre sketches. $5,175

California Dance Institute (Venice) will help sponsor one of eight participating schools for a year of weekly dance instruction. The program gives children an understanding of the fundamentals of movement, rhythm, and music through structured energetic dance classes; approximately 150 children per school receive directly weekly instruction, and an additional 600 children through interactive presentations. $9,840

California Institute of the Arts (Valencia) will create and offer an after-school digital video and animation class at Ramon C. Cortines School for Visual and Performing Arts. This class aims to broaden students' artistic skills, provide them with valuable pre-professional experience, and inspire them to consider college. $9,000

California Symphony (Walnut Creek) will support the "Sound Minds" initiative at Downer Elementary School where students will be given instruments and materials needed to participate in the afterschool music program. $9,000

Cantare Con Vivo (Oakland) will partner with four Oakland elementary schools to bring choral music education to students. A multicultural music initiative introduces students to music traditions of the Andes, Mexico, Cuba, Asia, and African Americans. $7,800

Center for World Music (San Diego) will help four native or native-trained artist-teachers' residencies to teach traditional music and dance from South Africa, Iran, and Indonesia to four K-8 public schools. $9,840

Central Sierra Arts Council (Sonora) will bring theater and visual art residencies to four school districts in Tuolumne County for K-8 students. Professional artists lead the program and guest artists support programs in music, theater, dance, literary arts, and the visual arts. $9,000

Chinese Culture Center (San Francisco) will support teaching artist residencies for sculpture and music at Starr King Elementary School. $5,756

City Ballet, Inc. (San Diego) will offer a 28-week "Discover a Dancer" artist-in-residence program for at-risk 2nd grade students at Hamilton Elementary (Title I). The program provides exposure and study of ballet and culminates with student performances to their peers and family members. $7,800

City of San Fernando (San Fernando) will continue the "Mariachi Master Apprentice Program" that connects master musicians with underserved youth. The program targets advanced instrument instruction, arrangement, and performance skills on traditional mariachi instruments. $9,000

Community School of Music and Arts (Mountain View) will provide the "Art4Schools" program at two schools in the Mountain View Whisman School District. The program focuses on drawing and painting with an introduction to ceramics and basic three-dimensional concepts. $4,673

Community Works West (Berkeley) will integrate arts instruction with the curriculum at Five Keys Charter High School at San Francisco County Jail. A professional teaching artist guides incarcerated female high school students to write, stage, and perform an original dramatic work that gives voice to their experiences. $9,840

Coronado School of the Arts Foundation (Coronado) will allow students at a public arts conservatory to work with a professional playwright and professional choreographer/media artist. Each residency culminates with a student performance in dance/multi-media and theater. $6,500

Crowden Music Center (Berkeley) will continue to bring a comprehensive music education program in Washington Elementary School to K-2 students who would otherwise not have music in their curriculum. $7,800

Cultural Arts Council of Sonoma County (Santa Rosa) will deliver long-term and in-depth poetry writing residencies at four public schools. Students will experience a relationship with a professional poet and each school will create an anthology of the students' work. $3,997

Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County (Santa Cruz) will incorporate the school-wide "Through Page to Stage" residency for students at Amesti Elementary. The program will increase their language and academic skills through acting, singing, inventing, memorizing, and performing together. $7,800

Dance Kaiso (San Francisco) will offer residencies at Meadows-Livingstone School and San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center and an active journey through Afro-centric music and dance forms. $9,000

Dell'Arte Inc. (Blue Lake) will provide theatre arts education to students in the Blue Lake Elementary School District. Dell'Arte International explores theatre making, theatre practice, and theatre training for ourselves, the world, and the future. $6,600

Destiny Arts Center (Oakland) will introduce students to traditional Shonan dance, percussion, and song in a Zimbabwean dance class.  The class integrates the Center's "Five Fingers of Violence Prevention" curriculum through conflict resolution games and age appropriate role-playing. $9,000

Diablo Ballet (Walnut Creek) will provide in-school arts education curriculum and free performances to underserved students and families through the "PEEK Program", an arts education program that includes dance, theater and music. $6,600

Dimensions Dance Theatre (Oakland) will continue providing the dance residency program "Rites of Passage" in four Oakland public schools. The program offers a variety of dance styles and helps students work collectively and develop a deeper sense of their self-esteem. $9,000

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (Richmond) will provide after school classes to three elementary schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District. Students participate in a performance at the end of the 12-week session. $6,600

El Dorado Community Foundation (Placerville) will continue the "Science Action Theater" program that combines energizing theater techniques and guided-inquiry to enhance elementary students' understanding of earth, physical, and life science concepts. $8,936

ETM-LA, Inc. (Burbank) will provide music instruction to schools lacking resources for school-wide music education. Students at two elementary schools will be taught by professional musicians and will perform throughout the year. $9,000

Eveoke Dance Theatre (San Diego) will support "YOUNG ARTISTS", a dynamic dance partnership between Eveoke and Hoover High School. The program will provide professional performances, planning with teachers, dance instruction, and a student performance. $5,727

Forestville Education Foundation (Forestville) will provide hands-on visual art experience to 170 third grade students. Through critical thinking and art vocabulary, the students analyze and exhibit their own art. $6,253

Floricanto Dance Theatre (Pasadena) will continue their after-school folkloric dance program at Sunrise Elementary, Hollenbeck Middle School, Roosevelt High School and Kipp College Preparatory. Students will produce two recitals that are open to the public as part of the partnership between the program and participating schools. $9,840

Gabriella Axelrad Education Foundation (Los Angeles) will support the program "Everybody Dance!" to underserved, inner-city children. The program will provide professional instruction to students at the Gabriella Charter School (GCS), a K-8 dance-themed public school. $7,800

Ginga Arts Inc. (Los Angeles) will continue the 10-month residency program with Afro-Brazilian artist and Capoeira master Mestre Batata at the Accelerated Charter Elementary School (ACES). $9,000

Greenway Arts Alliance (Los Angeles) will conduct workshops in 15 English classes at Fairfax High School. Workshops led by teaching artists will teach students to understand and perform scenes from the Shakespearean play they are studying in each grade. $7,800

The HeART Project (Los Angeles) will offer long-term arts opportunities for students at three schools in Los Angeles. The program gives students year-long multi-disciplinary in-class arts workshops with artists culminating in 3 public presentations at cultural institutions. $7,800

Hernandez Mariachi Heritage Society (South El Monte) will teach music at two Los Angeles elementary schools for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Teachers are mariachi musicians who convey an appreciation for Mexican culture. $9,000

Humboldt Arts Council (Eureka) will place trained, experienced poet teachers in K-12 Humboldt County schools to work with students in poetry writing, reading, recitation, and publishing. $9,000

I CAN DO THAT! (Sacramento) will bring the visual arts to elementary schools in Sacramento through its Artists-in-Schools program. Special and general education students will work with one professional artist and their work will be shown at a Very Special Arts Festival and another venue. $8,000

Imagination Workshop (Los Angeles) will provide two weekly group sessions at two schools where at-risk young people are given a way to express themselves in creating and performing original theater under the direction of specially trained theatre artists. $7,800

The Imagine Bus Project (San Francisco) will support two teaching artists at after-school programs in San Francisco Unified School District-specifically at Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary, Malcolm X Academy, Paul Revere School, and Sunnyside Elementary. The 2012-2013 curriculum utilizes a range of visual arts media and will impart visual arts knowledge and skills to students. $7,424

Inside Out Community Arts, Inc. (Venice) will continue operating "The School Project" for at-risk middle and high school students. Working with professional artists, youth create and present original productions that showcase issues important to them. $7,800

JC Culture Foundation (Los Angeles) will provide Lion Dance workshops and a Chinese calligraphy workshop to K-12 Students. $5,428

Kaisahan of San Jose Dance Co., Inc. (San Jose) will provide twenty weeks of Filipino folk dance classes to four elementary schools by Helen Pastor-Moreno, the organization's choreographer and artistic director. $9,840

Kala Art Institute (Berkeley) will conduct two visual art residencies at Emery Secondary School in Emeryville, CA. Students will be exposed to visual art techniques, vocabulary, cultural history, and careers in the arts. $9,840

L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Programs (Hollywood) will offer the "Rock Band Project" to low-income, predominantly minority youth at LeConte Middle School. Instrumental and vocal instruction will take place under the guidance of professional artists and instructors. $8,617

La Peña Cultural Center (Berkeley) will provide a Latin music ensemble at Willard Middle School in Berkeley. The curriculum focuses on performing standard forms of traditional Latin American music and develops the student's musicianship. $3,737

Leap (San Francisco) will provide schools with a Leap artist to teach creative projects through creative thinking, collaboration, and hands-on activities. The visual art work created by each student will be showcased to parents, teachers, and fellow students. $9,840

Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company (San Francisco) will support after-school arts education programs at three San Francisco elementary schools. Instructors will teach traditional Chinese dance and the program will culminate in an on-site performance and a public performance. $9,000

Living Jazz (Oakland) will partner with Oakland's Children's Community Choir and provide a program focused on the fundamentals of ear, vocal, and rhythm training. $5,874

Los Angeles Master Chorale (Los Angeles) will support the residencies of in-school professional artists who mentor students at Central Los Angeles High School #9 as they collaborate in small groups during a 20-week program to write lyrics and compose music for an original oratorio. The program culminates in a premiere performance by student-composers for the school and community. $9,840

Los Angeles Opera Company (Los Angeles) will offer the opera residency program "Voices for Tolerance" with the L.A. Opera at Vena Elementary School, Lennox Middle School, and Santee Education Center. Students produce and perform a children's opera based on themes of tolerance. $7,800

Lula Washington Dance Theatre (Los Angeles) will continue a 32-week dance program at Dorsey High School that builds personal development and life skills. The dancers, led by Tamica Washington-Miller, assist with performances and class activities, and appear in school performances. $9,000

Luna Dance Institute, Inc. (Emeryville) will support the "School Alliance" project and the DANCE LEARNING IN THE 21ST CENTURY curriculum in Oakland Unified School District schools. The program includes model dance classes, side-by-side coaching, in-services, and family dance events. $9,840

Lux Art Institute (Encinitas) will support an 18-week visual art program to students in grades 1, 3, 4, and 6 at Ocean Knoll Elementary School. Artist Johnny King will present mini-museum exhibitions to allow students to explore and discuss museum-quality art in their classroom. $9,840

Malashock Dance (San Diego) will provide a 12-week professional dance education class to 3rd and 5th graders at Freese Elementary. Classes empower students with kinesthetic learning, regardless of their level of ability or socio-economic status. $9,840

Mammoth Art Guild (Mammoth Lakes) will continue the "Meet the Masters" art program for three elementary schools in Mammoth Lakes, Bridgeport, and Lee Vining. $7,800

Marin Shakespeare Company (San Rafael) will provide performing arts instruction for K-5 students at Lynwood Elementary School in Novato and San Pedro Elementary School in San Rafael. $9,000

Marin Theatre Company (Mill Valley) will provide students with in-depth theatre arts instruction. Professional teaching artists use drama to enliven, deepen, and illuminate the English curriculum at each school. $8,100

The Marsh (San Francisco) will provide two residencies at schools in the SF Unified School District. A dance teacher and a spoken word/theater artist work with teachers to integrate art with math, language arts, and social studies. $9,000

Media Arts Center San Diego (San Diego) will offer two after-school media arts education sessions at Crawford High School. Students work with professional media artists to creatively express topics meaningful to their lives using smart phones and digital media. $6,600

Melody of China (San Francisco) will offer after-school music classes taught by Chinese music teaching artists at Sunset Elementary School. Students learn to play a traditional Chinese instrument of their choice. $9,000

Mendocino Poets in the Schools (Albion) will help professional writers lead poetry workshops in four rural Mendocino County schools. Students study a variety of cultural and stylistic traditions and learn to write and recite their own original poems. $9,840

Merced County Arts Council, Inc. (Merced) will support the partnership between 5th grade teachers and an ARTREE artist. The artist will use historical murals to teach art history and provide grade-level principles of the visual arts, and the school's Writing Festival will showcase an art exhibit from the project. $655

Museum of Children's Art (Oakland) will continue the "ASCEND Artist Residency" program, a school-day visual arts residency for K-8 schools in Oakland and build upon visual arts concepts and skills. $6,600

Music by the Mountain (Mount Shasta) will bring classical music performances to Siskiyou County and provide outreach programs for low income elementary school students to produce and perform a musical. $3,575

NAMM Foundation (Carlsbad) will provide local students a systematic approach to music education through the "Joli Ann Leichtag Music Project." Students build skills at each grade level through consistency and increase their self-esteem and confidence in music making. $7,800

New Village Arts, Inc. (Carlsbad) will bring the works of William Shakespeare to North County San Diego's high school students through "The Shakespeare Network" program. This program combines an intensive workshop with a fully staged, professionally directed production with students as actors and crew. $9,840

Oakland East Bay Symphony (Oakland) will support the "In-School Mentors of the Music for Excellence" initiative at four public schools for primarily disadvantaged students. $9,000

Oakland Youth Chorus (Oakland) will support after-school choral music education classes that develop music skills, theory, and an appreciation for multicultural music; instruction is by accomplished musicians. $7,617

Ojai Music festival (Ojai) will bring the "BRAVO! Music Education Program" to four Ojai schools. The program teaches the fundamentals of pitch and rhythm matching through interactive songs and games, and brings musicians into the classroom. $6,500

Out of Site: Center for Arts Education (San Francisco) will continue the free architecture and public art after-school programs for San Francisco public high school students, 80% of whom are from low-income/working class families and youth of color. $9,000

P.S. ARTS (Los Angeles) will provide 2nd-5th grade students at Edison Language Academy with theater education in both English and Spanish. In the residency students learn to understand, speak, read, write, and perform in both languages. $11,400

Palo Alto Art Center Foundation (Palo Alto) will provide the "Cultural Kaleidoscope" program to K-5 students in the Palo Alto Unified and Ravenswood School Districts for the upcoming academic year. Six resident artists work with students, and student artwork is exhibited at the program's conclusion. $9,840

Pan Afrikan Dance & Music Historical Education Association (Stockton) will implement an after school educational curriculum involving art residencies teaching African dance and music at one school for 6-8th grade students. $1,925

Pasadena Conservatory of Music (Pasadena) will continue the "Young Musicians" program at Jefferson Elementary School (Title I). Weekly lessons will be provided to K-5th graders during and after school. $7,650

Peralta Parent Teacher Group (Oakland) will support arts education residencies in digital media arts at Peralta Elementary School. The artists use art to expand students' academic, emotional, and communal development. $9,840

Performing Arts Workshop (San Francisco) will conduct a 30-week artist residency at two elementary schools in the San Francisco Unified School District. Two artists will teach performance poetry and creative movement. $9,000

Playhouse Arts (Arcata) will support the "Excite and Ignite" program, designed to empower youth to produce, promote, and play in the theatrical arts in order to build better community engagement and cross-generational communication. $7,800

Playwrights Project (San Diego) will provide the "SEEDS Program" to 6-8th graders at Tierra del Sol Middle School and San Ysidro Middle School. The program will infuse drama into the Language Arts curriculum by providing students with intensive playwriting instruction, interactive sessions with actors, and opportunities to observe and analyze live theatre. $11,400

Plumas Arts (Quincy) will provide art workshops for all K-6 schools in Plumas County. Teaching artists will provide students with standards based/sequential arts education. $9,000

Prescott Circus Theatre (Oakland) will offer an innovative after-school performing arts education program to 3rd-5th grade students at PLACE@ Prescott Elementary School. Students gain performing and community service experience and perform in motivational shows. $9,840

Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement (Oakland) will offer "ArtPLACE" at the underserved and under-resourced PLACE @ Prescott. Hands-on arts instruction is given to students who would have no art exposure without this program. $9,000

Presidio Performing Arts Foundation (San Francisco) will support "DANCE OUT!," an after school arts education program that integrates teamwork, social responsibility, and diverse cultural education through classical or traditional folk dance. $6,600

Public Corporation for the Arts (Long Beach) will provide the "Eye on Design" public art education program for 3rd graders in the Long Beach Unified School District. The program requires students to creatively utilize knowledge and artistic skills acquired in the classroom and on field trips to solve real-life problems. $9,000

Purple Silk Music Education Foundation, Inc. (Oakland) will support the residency program at Lincoln Elementary School. The foundation will provide instruction in traditional Chinese instruments and song to students in grades 3-5. $11,400

Redwood Heights Parents' Fund Association (Oakland) will help general and special education program students express their visual and verbal ideas through different materials and hands-on workshops. $9,000

Sacramento Theatre Company (Sacramento) will provide resident artists to teach acting in an afterschool program at Cal Middle School. Students learn all aspects of theatre and share what they have learned with classmates, faculty and parents at the end of the program. $7,800

San Benito County Arts Council (Hollister) will introduce California history themes to students through music, theater, and the visual arts and transform their learning and historical experiences through art. $3,375

San Diego Guild of Puppetry, Inc. (Oceanside) will continue the development of an in-school puppetry-based curriculum at Freese Elementary and Monroe Clark Middle School. Students will participate in sequential, California Visual and Performing Arts standards-based puppetry performing arts classes in this 12-week program. $9,840

San Diego Opera (San Diego) will implement the "Words And Music" program through residencies at four public schools. The program teaches at-risk students to read and write music and lyrics through the creation of a student-written and composed opera. $9,840

San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory (San Diego) will partner with Oak Park Elementary School to give students of diverse backgrounds introductory percussion training in African and Western classical percussion. $7,968

San Francisco Arts Commission (San Francisco) will support experienced teacher-artists in poetry, fiction writing and performance to work at Mission High School to help students increase their ability to express themselves verbally and in written works. $9,840

San Francisco Arts Education Project (San Francisco) will help three professional artists teach music, visual arts, and dance during the 2012-13 year to a K-5 San Francisco Unified School District Title I school. At least 400 hours of participatory arts instruction will be provided to approximately 450 children. $9,000

San Francisco Girls Chorus (San Francisco) will offer the "Creating Choral Music" program at two elementary schools. Students learn to sing, work together, and perform as an ensemble for the student body, parents, and community. $5,682

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival (San Francisco) will partner with Mission Preparatory School and bring a professional theatre artist to teach performing arts education to K-1st grade students. $5,500

Santa Barbara Dance Institute (Santa Barbara) will offer in- and after-school dance programs for at-risk and low income students at Adelante Charter School, Canalino Elementary, El Camino Elementary and Solvang School. Students will participate in public performances, school assemblies, and will perform at a professional theater. The program aims to prepare students for life by building character, confidence, and teamwork, while providing them with an actual experience of success through dance. $9,840

Santa Cecilia Orchestra (Los Angeles) will continue the "Discovering Music" program, and in particular the "String Program", at schools in Northeast Los Angeles where 98% of the students are Latino and do not have music in their curriculum. $9,000

Santa Clarita Community College District (Santa Clarita) will partner with the Newhall and Sulphur Springs School Districts to provide a 12-week dance instruction program to 5th and 6th graders at two Title I schools. Artist Lula Washington will teach dance elements for student choreographed pieces to be performed for parents and peers. $9,840

ShadowLight Productions (San Francisco) will continue the teaching artist residencies at three schools in San Francisco and one in Oakland. The student shadow theatre projects are part of arts integration efforts and are tailor-designed for each school. $11,400

Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles (Los Angeles) will partner with George Washington Carver Middle School in presenting the "Will Power to Schools" program. Students will design and perform two Shakespearean plays throughout the course of the school year. $7,800

Sierra County Arts Council (Downieville) will provide arts education to students in Sierra County in cooperation with local artists, school administrators, and teachers while celebrating the county's rural heritage. $7,800

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art (Sonoma) will offer a residency project for two teaching artists and a guest artist at El Verano Elementary School. The artists will collaborate to provide lessons on Mexican and Mexican-American cultural and artistic history to a student body with a large immigrant population. $2,879

Southland Opera (Duarte) will expand music composition workshop residencies for the low income students of Duarte Unified School District focusing on music composition, theatre, and performance. $11,400

Southwest Chamber Music Society (Pasadena) will provide group lessons and chamber music coaching by Southwest musicians and mentors to students who cannot afford private instruction. $9,840

Stagebridge (Oakland) will place teaching artists with 4th graders at four East Bay elementary schools. Students assisted by Stagebridge storytellers create a theatrical presentation of stories from their elders and perform them for peers and families at the project's conclusion. $8,396

Stagewrite (San Francisco) will support the "Building Literacy through Theatre" program at Starr King Elementary and Mission Dolores Academy which teaches theatre in the classroom, engaging students in dynamic, interactive arts activities to advance their school success. The 12-week residencies will provide students with sequential theater instruction for the fall and spring semesters during the 2011-2012 academic year. $9,840

Streetside Stories (San Francisco) will integrate theater with skill-building language arts content to underserved elementary schools. The program will foster learning and exploration in theater, visual, literary, and media arts through artist residencies. $7,800

Symphonic Jazz Orchestra (Culver City) will present a music residency for 2nd graders in the Culver City Unified School District. The program teaches about all the elements that make up an orchestra. $7,800

Theatre of Hearts/Youth First (Los Angeles) will link professional artists with at-risk and underserved youth to prevent and intervene in youth violence by involving youths (grades K-12). Four creative writing and visual arts residencies will generate original student writing and use the murals they create. $9,000

Theatre Workers Project (Pasadena) will deliver an expanded integrated curriculum theatre program planned with teachers to LA County High School for the Arts that will deepen students' understanding of academic themes found in class. $8,930

The Unusual Suspects Theatre (Los Angeles) will provide an after-school theater residency at Fremont High School where students learn playwriting and improvisation, write their own original script, and produce performances for the community. $9,000

VALA Project (San Francisco) will provide 12 six-week residencies integrating multi-disciplinary arts practice, poetry, and literacy skills for elementary school students in Richmond and Oakland. $5,211

Vallejo Charter School (Vallejo) will partner with Expeditionary Learning Schools and teach visual art and dance to students through professional instructors. $6,600

Venice Arts: In Neighborhoods (Venice) will continue the partnership with Olympic Continuation High School (Title I) and provide a 12-week documentary workshop. Students work in small groups with photography, film, journaling, writing assignments, and digital and darkroom labs. $6,600

Ventura County Arts Council (Ventura) will maintain the Visual and Performing Arts residency program at Providence School for incarcerated minors. Artists work with students, teaching them not only art but important life skills such as tolerance, cooperation, cultural authenticity, self esteem, self expression, and mutual respect through disciplined activities. $7,150

We Tell Stories (Los Angeles) will support in-school artist residencies at El Marino Language School, El Rincon Elementary, La Ballona Elementary, and Linwood E. Howe Elementary. The standards-based theatre/literacy workshop will teach students how to create characters, increase ensemble skills, gain confidence, and critique in a respectful and constructive manner. School assemblies and a teacher professional development session are also included. $9,840

Yolo County Arts Council (Woodland) will support local professional ceramic artists in four geographically distinct school sites in Yolo County. $9,000

Young Audiences of Northern California (San Francisco) will work with community based artists in long-term visual art and theatre residencies at Gardner Academy (San Jose). An installation will be created at the school as a culmination of work. $7,800

Young Audiences of San Diego (San Diego) will continue "Art for All" for students at Ocean Beach Elementary where students learn to think, see, speak, and express themselves as artists with dance, theater, and visual art lessons. $9,000

Youth in Arts (San Rafael) will provide bilingual (Spanish and English) music and songwriting instruction for students at two elementary schools in a 16-week program. Students will learn about the music and culture of the Americas, learn traditional rhythms and songs, and create their own songs. $7,150

Z Space Studio (San Francisco) will support theatre residencies at two public schools through the program "Word for Word" which integrates Visual and Performing Arts standards and theatre techniques to support reading skills and analysis of literature. The program culminates in a performance for the school and its community. $11,400

Recipients of the 2012-2013 Artist in Schools Planning Grants

Amador Arts (Amador) will act as a central dispenser of any federal, state, or private monies to county artists and arts organizations by operating as a liaison between the County Board of Supervisors and the arts community. The organization will develop programs to enhance and promote county arts and artists. $2,500

Arts Consortium (Tulare) will plan to bring local professional artists into Summit Charter Academy in Porterville. Focus will be on the collaboration between artists and teachers, curriculum development, and fostering support and advocacy in the community.  $2,500

Bayview Opera House (San Francisco) will provide time for the development of a curriculum co-planned for classroom teachers, artists-in-residences, and arts specialist teachers. $2,500

Fresno Arts Council (Fresno) will select four schools to participate in the development of training materials that allows art to be taught to the specific needs of Fresno County school children. The material focuses on working with teachers on acquiring classroom management skills and engaging students with California Visual and Performing Standards. $2,500

Korean Center (San Francisco) will launch an art appreciation program detailing various Korean art forms-dance, calligraphy, song, and ceramics-and their broader relation to Asian art. Students will be taught about the history of various art forms, its uses, and its cultural significance and will have the opportunity to craft or perform the art form itself. $2,500

New Education Options (Los Angeles) will hold planning sessions to improve collaboration between classroom teachers and participating childcare workers. Sessions will explain the elements that link daily core studies to the arts and will improve everyone's understanding of integrating Visual and Performing Arts standards with ELD and ELA goals. $2,500

Precision Dance Company (Los Angeles) will prepare Precision's Senior Company members to provide the "Precisions Visions Outreach Program" to under-served youth in K-12 schools during the 2012-2013 school year. Members will receive training in dance instruction, curriculum design, and emergency response as they prepare choreography and consult with partner schools. $2,500

The mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the Arts and Creativity. Members of the California Arts Council include: Chair Malissa Feruzzi Shriver, Vice Chair William Turner, Wylie Aitken, Michael Alexander, Andrew Green, Adam Hubbard, Charmaine Jefferson, Terry Lenihan, Susan Steinhauser and Rosalind Wyman.

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