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Keep Arts in Schools Fund & Turbo Tax

What to look for, and how to donate in three easy steps

Published: 03-06-2015

Filing your taxes via Turbo Tax? Donating to the Keep Arts in Schools Fund is simple... if you know where to look. Follow the simple steps below to find the Keep Arts in Schools Fund when you file your state taxes.

IMPORTANT! Don't worry about looking for the Keep Arts in Schools Fund contribution feature when doing your federal taxes, which is done first before calculating state taxes. This is a California state program. You'll be able to donate once your finish the federal portion and move to the state one. 

How to find the Keep Arts in Schools Fund

Step 1: Say "YES" to donate to a California Special Fund. Look for the below screen as you file your California State Taxes (after you have completed your federal taxes). While this page does not mention the arts, the Keep Arts in Schools Fund is a California Special Fund. Click YES to make your donation on the next screen.

Optional: you can choose to click on "See List" to find a description the Keep Arts in Schools Fund, though this is not a necessary step in order to make a donation.

Step 2: Scroll down on the Donate to Special Funds page.
Look for the Keep Arts in Schools Fund.

Step 3: Enter your donation amount in the rectangular box next to the Keep Arts in Schools Fund.
Remember, every dollar you donate directly supports California arts education programs! After you have entered your donation amount, click "CONTINUE" to complete your donation.

Step 4: Feel good about helping California's students succeed! And tell your friends how they can make a difference with their tax return.

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Missed it? See Miscellaneous Items

When you're almost done with the filing, if you haven't donated yet, there will be three radio buttons before you go to the final "Review." If you missed your Keep Arts in Schools option, here's where you can go back.

One of the options is "I'd like to verify or update a specific area of my California return." Choose this radio button, and then see the box under "Miscellaneous Items" for "Donations." When you choose this, it will take you back to the "Donate to Special Funds" area for the Keep Arts in Schools Fund.

After contributing, take the deduction next year!

The Franchise Tax Board's website indicates that individuals who contribute to the Keep Arts in Schools Fund one year can take the charitable deduction on their federal taxes the following year if they itemize (technically file a "Schedule A").