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4th and 5th Grade Students will:

  • Explore creative ways to conserve the Earth’s most precious resource

  • Invent fun and unique ways to reduce water use and illustrate their best idea with an original poster design.

We all need water! Water quenches our thirst, grows our food, powers our electricity, nurtures our landscapes and provides habitat for wildlife. There is so much to learn about water!

4th and 5th grade Classroom Activities
Inspire your 4th and 5th grade students to think critically and creatively about water and how we use it. All recommended activities are aligned to Content Standards for California Public Schools including Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Project Wet Foundation:
Two in-depth, hands-on activities from the award-winning Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide.

California Agriculture in the Classroom

With 11 standards-aligned classroom activities, students can learn about the water cycle, how we get our water, how we use it, and its importance to the environment and every aspect of our lives. Standards are listed at the bottom of every activity page.

Look for the What’s Growin’ On Extra! Extra! Classroom Extensions available on www.cfaitc.org in January, 2015.

Conservation Creativity Challenge: Water Conservation Primer

Here are some ways you can conserve water inside!

  • Don’t leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth or soaping up your hands

  • Bring a refillable water bottle with you rather than drinking from faucets or drinking fountains

  • Run the dishwasher and washing machine only with FULL loads

  • Take SHORT showers

  • Take a shower instead a bath. If you do take a bath, fill the bathtub halfway or less

  • While you wait for your shower to warm up, catch water in a bucket to water your plants

Here are some ways you can conserve water outside!

  • Use a broom, not a hose, to sweep walkways and patios

  • Keep your grass 2-3 inches long. Longer grass saves water.

  • Use mulch on soil areas

  • Water plants early in the morning or late at night

What other creative ways can you and your students save water inside and out?

Online Resources:
http://saveourh2o.org/node/3: Save Our Water: Kids Can Save

At Home:
Tour the California Urban Water Conservation Council’s interactive h2ouse to learn about how you use water in your home.

A contest of the California Arts Council, a state agency, in partnership with the California Department of Water Resources and Save Our Water. Special thanks to Project WET. 


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