California Arts Council

State of California

Mission, Vision, Values

Advancing California through the arts and creativity.

  • Californians thrive from public belief in, and support for creativity and the arts. To that end, we envision a California where:

      • • the lives of all Californians are enriched by access to and participation in a diverse spectrum of artists and arts and cultural experiences;
      • • the arts are woven into the fabric of daily life—promoting civic engagement, encouraging collective problem solving and building bridges across cultures;
      • • the arts enjoy strong, sustained public support;
      • • the arts ecosystem reflects contributions from all of California’s diverse populations;
      • • our students are provided with quality arts education so that they can reach their full potential, including advanced education;
      • • streets, neighborhoods, and communities are revitalized, enriched and enlivened by art and culture;
      • • creative industries are recognized as crucial to the economy;
      • • public and private resources for the arts increase and are sustained to more effectively serve the people of California;
      • • Californians’ artistic contributions mark the long-term legacy of the state;
      • • the California Arts Council is recognized as an innovative and cutting-edge agency and known as a regional leader among state arts agencies for its exemplary work on behalf of all Californians; and
      • • the California Arts Council is a source for policy development and builds a strong foundation for the arts in our state.

  • In fulfilling our mission and vision, we take actions that express the following values:

    • • The arts are a societal cornerstone that bring people together and build community. Arts and culture have a direct impact on the health, welfare, and economic well being of all Californians and their communities.
    • • Arts education is an essential tool for healthy human development, core curriculum and lifelong learning that must be available to all—during early development years, during and after school, and for all ages.
    • • This agency has a role to play in increasing access to the arts for Californians who live or work in areas where the arts are scarce, nonexistent, or vulnerable.
    • • Diversity is embraced as a source of vibrancy for the state of California.
    • • Development, preservation and care of the state’s artistic resources, including our artists and art organizations, are central to the state’s social, educational and economic growth and, as such, state government has a responsibility to fund the arts in California.
    • • Distribution of funds and services must be fair and transparent.
    • • As we engage in partnerships, collaborations, and collective endeavors with other government agencies, private, and nonprofit entities across sectors, we encourage constituents to do the same.
    • • Further developing and sustaining strong relationships with the Governor and Legislature and encouraging constituents to do the same with local elected officials is essential.
    • • Best practices, quality research, and emerging models inform our work to provide the highest quality of service to Californians and their communities.
    • • Being proactive and nimble in responding to changes in the arts and the larger business communities, including how technology has changed how Californians access, create, and distribute the arts is a best practice.

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